11 things to remember for the SILVER MOUNTAIN MUSIC FESTIVAL


Final Arrangements for Silver Mountain Music Festival

The Silver Mountain Team is busy tuning instruments, milking cows, moving pianos, building stages, brewing coffee, selling tickets, making firewood, baking pies, moving chairs, and chilling wine.

Here are a few things to remember before you join us.

  1. Weather and dress code

Aside from light rain on Thursday evening, the weather is forecast to be cold but sunny so please dress very warmly and wear comfortable shoes. We are in the mountains so please bring a rain coat (just in case). No matter the weather, the show will go on and that includes the walks. The dress code is comfortable, Agri-chic!

The Saturday concert takes place in a large farm shed and it can get very cold as the sun sets so bring an extra blanket or two and wear a warm jacket and beanie.

2. Tickets Required

Please bring your bar-coded tickets to gain access to the events.


If you would like a more comfortable seat for Saturday’s concert, we recommend bringing a cushion. There will be wooden benches and a cushion will make the experience a bit more comfortable. There are a limited number of chairs with back rests so come early if you require one of these seats.

4. Additional Tickets

A few of the programme items are sold out so we highly recommend that you contact us in advance to check availability and secure your tickets. We have closed some on line booking so email us if you want to know what’s available: info@silvermountainmusic.co.za. We will be selling at the door so if you want to risk it, please bring cash.


Several programme items include food, but you will need some extra cash to supplement these light meals with extras like pancakes, wine or coffee. Please bring cash to support local culinary delights. Please note that, unless you have informed us in advance, we may not be able to cater for all your dietary requirements. Remember that there is no food included in the Friday evening concert in Swellendam and we recommend booking at one of the many restaurants in the area. There are many options available.

6. Plan to be out all day

If you are attending all the events, we suggest dressing for a full day out. Depending on where you are staying and how much you walk and talk, it may be difficult to make it back to your accommodation to freshen up before the evening performances start. Please have a look at the map and plan accordingly. We really don’t mind if you arrive at a concert slightly dishevelled, with muddy feet and wind-blown hair. In fact, we’ll be slightly disappointed if you don’t.

7.Bring cash

Please bring cash for all sales as we have limited credit card machines operational and reception is very limited.

8. Alcohol

Please do not bring any external alcohol into any of the venues. We have amazing Sijnn wine on sale and we want to support businesses that are contributing to the festival. All the venues are providing their venues without charge and we want to support them. There will be non-alcoholic beverages and amazing Clock Peaks coffee on sale too.


Please carefully plan your route and read the directions on the website. http://www.silvermountainmusic.co.za/get-here.html

Note the meeting place for each event and remember some of the roads are gravel so leave enough time. If you are attending all the events, we will have a lead vehicle to guide you from one venue to the next but it’s your responsibility to make sure that you follow the correct car and find your way safely from one place to the next. In some places, reception is limited so googling the venues on route may not always work. Please have a look at it in advance. There is an overview map attached.

10.Gravel Roads

Please drive carefully on the gravel roads. Be aware of wildlife and farm animals, especially at night. Please don’t drive off to the side to admire the view or to photograph a rare bird. The gravel roads are often busy with milk trucks and agricultural vehicles. Please give way to them because feeding our nation is a busy and very important job.

11. Information

Things get hectic during the festival so if you have questions, we recommend whatsapping or SMSing 0793350269. If you leave a voice message, it’s likely that it won’t get heard until after the festival.


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