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A happy adoption tale
Hello to you all from the UK
We are Ros and Charlie Trinder and we are the totally unexpectedly very, very proud sponsors of Melvin and Sophie, who are two of the most beautiful giraffes we have every seen!
Several years ago we enjoyed an amazing trip to South Africa with our very good friends Wendy and Steve Henrys, who are in turn extremely good friends with Amanda and the very much missed David Shackley.
Throughout that holiday, although we marvelled at all the wonderful animals we saw, many at very close quarters, we simply fell in love with the giraffes. This fascination continued after we returned home.
We were recently invited to lunch with Wendy and Steve who, during the meal, surprised us with the gorgeous photograph showing Melvin and Sophie together with the plaque saying that we were their sponsors, and our sponsorship certificates too!
We were utterly speechless with the surprise and how amazed we were to learn how all of you had worked so hard to make it happen!
So thank you so very much :Adele Re , for allowing Melvin and Sophie to be sponsored by us, and for the super certificates you designed too.
Graham Mutyambizi, for taking such wonderful photos of 'our' giraffes - we are showing them to all our friends.
Lynette Romburgh for making the beautiful plaque - what a work of art!
Sonja Dias and your team for all your work taking photos and making sure the plaque will stay in place.
Amanda for overseeing this project that suddenly arrived without warning from the Henrys, and for just being you! (and Wendy and Steve Henrys for dreaming this up in the first place and for being simply wonderful friends)
Life is a little busy for us at the moment, but we do hope that once we and the world calm down a little, we might be able to return to South Africa, a country we can't get enough of to, perhaps meet Melvin and Sophie, and hopefully, meet you all too, so we can thank you in person.
In the meantime thank you all again.
We still haven't quite recovered from this surprise and we will certainly enjoy telling all our family and friends about our connection with Melvin, Sophie and you all at Kwetu Guest Farm too.
With our very best wishes Ros & Charlie Trinder
NOTE TO GRAM READERS : plenty of other animals up for virtual adoption at Kwetu! Sable, kudu, wildebeeste, eland, waterbuck - what an unusual and special present for a loved one.
If you are interested Contact and make a plan!
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This beautiful girl arrived at the SPCA as a stray and was unfortunately never claimed. QUINN is such a sweetheart & has so much love to give!! She is not happy in the kennels and currently our longest resident... QUINN ould love nothing more than a family of her own. Who can make her dream come true? If you are interested in adopting or for more information please click here

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