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Midas Swellendam’s familiar orange and black signage stands out as a trusted beacon on Voortrek Road in Swellendam, the familiar household brand represents a ‘one-stop’ store that is filled with automobile parts and accessories that fits almost every make and model.
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THE MMM Showcase at Swellendam Showgrounds on Saturday

Photos and story by Cathy Hommes van Eeden of Swellendam Experience
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A magic morning having fun with these gorgeous ladies. The MG's and their passengers spent the weekend in Swellendam. On Sunday they showed off their beauty at the Swellendam Showgrounds. According to Lorraine Reck from MG Cape Town Centre Swellendam is such a 'classy' place, from the various Guesthouses that they were staying in to the Restaurants and the Town. They particularly loved the old historical quarter with its beautiful old buildings. The pristine showgrounds were also a pleasant surprise and they are hoping to hold future rally events here. Thank you Swellendam for being such excellent hosts to this lovely crowd of two legged and four wheeled friends.
Cathy van Eeden
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Swellengram Guide (Food Edition)

Pictured below is the previous edition - we will be revealing the new edition next week
We are so proud of our up-and-coming Swellengram Guide (Food edition) which features not just our restaurants, but also where to go to buy, forage for, pick, taste, catch and sample the range of our unique local ingredients. It also features beautiful photos from Carlo Jorge and Cathy van Eeden. We have had some delay going to print having being let down by a client at the last minute but we are almost there.
We do have one last space available (1/2 page) (or could be two ¼ pages) if there is still anyone still out there who wants in – it will need to be a quick turnaround as we must have these distributed everywhere before the Easter break, so please send a message TODAY if you want one of these spots More details here.


Community Clean up - Second Saturday of every month.

Station Building, Station Street, April 9th 10 00 am
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Our first Body Wisdom class is taking place on Wednesday 6 April at 4:30pm at The Hideaway. This class is perfect for you if you wish reduce anxiety, increase your sense of connection, improve your health and reduce inflammation.
Learn how to harness the healing power of your body during this gentle and restorative class. Drop classes are R150 pp. Booking is essential as space is limited. To book / ask questions please reach out to Charisse on 072 195 1295.
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The Gram EJorge Attorneys Monday 28th of March 22
Your clients are not driving up and down the streets searching for you. They are online. Get your business online and running with EMH's specials.
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A shortage of Marmite in South Africa has led to desperate Marmite lovers paying way over the odds for a smidgen of their favourite beverage... This worked out well for the local SPCA recently when a spot auction of a 125g unwanted pot raised R1000 in 10 minutes! Pictured here is Dee Hazell handing over the pot to Jeanette L'Estrange who won the bid for an anonymous donor.


ALLIE was surrendered unwanted with her mother Milly and her 2 siblings(MILLY is still available for adoption. ALLIE has been with us since she was a tiny puppy. ALLIE is very affectionate towards the staff and volunteer and loves cuddles. ALLIE is well socialised with other dogs she loves playing with balls and to soak in the water shells.Being with us since a tiny puppy ALLIE is nervous around strangers. ALLIE is going to need love and reassurance.
If you are interested in adopting please contact the office on 0285142083 for more information or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to meet her


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220323 - SOILL Vacancies
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