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"UPDATE: Power went back on in Block 10 after loadshedding, but went off shortly afterwards in many areas of the region.
Please note that the infrastructure is struggling to cope with the constant on and off. The network is not equipped to handle it and when all the appliances go on after loadshedding, it pulls too much power and the system trips. This type of outage is to be expected when loadshedding gets to the level it is now.
Municipality is working to restore power."
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Petra Muller het 'n lang verbintenis met Swellendam gehad. As tienjarige kom woon sy hier toe haar vader 'n polisieman op die dorp word. Sy matrikuleer hier en gaan studeer dan aan die US. Daarna word sy joernalis en ook uitgewer. Later in haar lewe koop sy 'n huis op Swellendam en woon hier as sy nie in Kaapstad is nie.Hierdie bundel bestaan uit 4 afdelings: akademiese artikels oor haar werk, essays oor haar werk en lewe, 'n pragtige foto-essay met foto's wat tot nou net in familiebesit was en 'n aantal gedigte deur bekende Afrikaanse digters as huldeblyk aan haar. Bydraers sluit bekende name in soos Louise Viljoen, Sonja Loots , Joan Hambidge, Karen De Wet Afrikaans en Hettie Scholtz . Kom kuier saam met ons op Swellendam vroeg in die nuwe jaar wanneer ons Petra Muller huldig met hierdie pragtige publikasie.
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New Years Eve – Fireside @ Gaia

Come & see the New Year in alongside the Breede River, dance the night away around the bonfire, with some great vibes and music.
Enjoy a lamb on the spit or choose the veggie option.
For those not wanting to drive home, can book to camp overnight or for a few nights.
Kids are welcome, you can opt for a child minder for an extra fee.
For camping and child minding enquiries please email –

To book online click below link:
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We are looking for interesting, bespoke vendors and unique food vendors, for our Gaia Boutique Christmas Fair, which will be held on Fri 16th Dec (Public Holiday). The Gaia Sanctuary is in Buffeljagsrivier, which is a 20 min drive from Swellendam, and the Fair will be held alongside the Breede River embankment.
If you are interested, please do contact Taryn –
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KALIA is an unclaimed stray and her history is unknown, but she is an absolute angel of a dog. KALIA loves playing with the other young dogs and is quick to learn.
She desperately wants to be with a family who can love her.
If you are interested in adopting, please contact the office on 028 514 2083 for more information or make an appointment to meet her.

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Edie Hall has kindly donated another Christmas cake for SPCA to auction. The auction ends 22nd December.. If you wish to bid please go to the SPCA CHARITY SHOP Facebook page and make your bid in the comments.
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221208 - SOILL Vacancies
Website and app, along with this current online newsletter which reaches over 2000 voluntary subscribers (daily), a lifestyle magazine, associated social media platforms and QR Codes.
Any and all businesses and services are invited to take up the opportunity to reach their target market. Clients can maintain their own listing and updates for a mere R99.00 a month – once listed they will be promoted to the huge database which has been built up by Swellengram over the last 12 years, as well as social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. AND If you don’t like the idea of maintaining / updating your own listing – contact
Swellengram takes no responsibility for the veracity of information, or quality of service provided, and also reserves the right of refusal for businesses who do not meet the expected ethical standards, or unaccredited financial practices eg lottery, pyramid sales or Bitcoin. No posts displaying racial, cultural, gender, age, religious or political bias, or information which is on the conspiracy theory spectrum
SWELLENGRAM's mission is to become a strong community ‘binder’, to foster a spirit of pride and optimism in the enterprises in the local area, and to keep residents fully informed of events, services and local matters of interest