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jetsetting with Janet
"Nestled in the Overberg at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, lies Swellendam, a town that has drawn creatives of all sorts.
Janet Pillai, host of Jetsetting with Janet, speaks to three Swellendam locals about their work and what they love about the picturesque town. Creative Director at Travelgram, Margaux Tait, says they are working to make Swellendam a destination town and not just a place to stop and fill up your petrol tank."
Liisten to Janet's interviews with Margaux Tait, Natalie Turck and Eduan Swanepoel HERE
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World Food day 2022 will happen in Suurbraak on the 7th October 2022.
Registration for the day: 7:30-10:00,
Event 10:30- 13:00 at the Suurbraak Sports Complex.
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations was founded on 16 October 1945 after World War II. FAO continues to lead the annual World Food Day global celebrations on October 16, which has become the most celebrated event in the UN calendar.
This year’s theme is “Leave No One Behind”.
The World Food Day is also one of the flagship events for the Western Cape Department of Agriculture (WCDoA) and it traditionally celebrated on the first week of October to mark the beginning of the October Food Security month and to gather momentum towards the global World Food day event.
The Department does not just talk about World Food Day in theory, but celebrate it in action. In the spirit of Leaving No One Behind, the Department continues to put in resources, efforts and forge strategic partnerships to collectively tackle food insecurity challenges where it matters the most, which is the community and household levels.
The department has funded and trained 100 home food gardens (with 260 being the goal before the end of the year) as well as community food gardens and school gardens through eco clubs.
Other initiatives include
Plant one tree, eat for free drive
The Food Mountain
School competitions
WFD Cycling tour
Agri-Processing on Wheels
jones fest
analog photo fest
sheepdog trials
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All IDP meetings, due to stage 6 LS, cancelled until further notice

Media release: The Western Cape Government preparation plan for prolonged or more severe load shedding is in place.
18 September 2022
Premier Alan Winde called an urgent Provincial Cabinet meeting this afternoon after Eskom had to implement stage 6 rolling power cuts. The purpose of the gathering was to update the province’s contingency plan in the event of severe load shedding.
“The Western Cape Government (WCG) is prepared on all fronts should load shedding at this level continue. Although it is unlikely at this stage, our plans are continuously being updated and are intact should the situation worsen,” said the Premier.
He stressed: “It is critical that we are ready for any eventuality to ensure service delivery continues, especially across critical platforms.”
The Premier assured residents: “With the support of our incredibly strong Disaster Management Team, the WCG has a thorough contingency plan in place. We have planned for various scenarios, and we are constantly upping our game.”
The Provincial Disaster Management Centre (PDMC) has been planning for all scenarios for years.
Premier Winde added: “Having been briefed by PDMC officials today I feel confident that the Western Cape is prepared. We are also working with National Government Departments to ameliorate the risks that come with power cuts.”
The Premier told the Cabinet the Provincial Government must lead from the front in saving electricity. He said: “Apart from having a good plan in place, all of us in the Western Cape need to intensify energy reduction measures, now, to contribute to reduced pressure on the grid.”
As we navigate our way through this latest series of power cuts, the Premier has appealed to Western Cape residents to use electricity sparingly.
Here are some basic energy-saving tips for residents:
  • Switch off all appliances at the wall and pull out chargers. This could save up to 6% on electricity costs;
  • Turn down geyser temperatures to 60 degrees Celsius. This can save up to 5% on one’s electricity bill;
    Fit geysers with geyser blankets to prevent heat loss;
  • Replace ordinary lightbulbs with energy-saving ones;
  • Set pool pumps to run fewer hours.
These everyday measures are what citizens can do to help protect the province from more severe load shedding.
“While the energy crisis generally places us all under strain, I am hopeful that we will get through this with the same fortitude that we, as a collective, got through Covid-19,” Premier Winde urged the province’s residents. He continued: “In the interim, I have also tasked various teams to look into medium-term solutions to bolster energy security even further. The WCG is doing everything in its power - from short to medium to long term interventions, to find solutions to this crisis.”
This includes looking at ways for the Provincial Government to enable businesses and citizens to procure additional power. The Premier emphasised: “We will help Eskom wherever we can. We must support the power utility.”
The Premier is in contact with Eskom Group Chief Executive Andre de Ruyter to stay abreast of the situation.
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