No SwellenGram onThursday April 27th and Monday May 1st.

Grams booked for those days will appear the day before or the day after.

"While we were driving, I looked out over the mountains and clusters of beautiful red, gold, and orange trees, and I understood why people love autumn"

UPDATE: My story had a very happy ending. The specs were found and picked up in the road by Herman Swart quite close to my house soon after I lost them. He took them to his Optometrist friend Reinhardt v d Merwe, who checked the frames with his suppliers, and found they matched exactly with ones that I had bought from him last year. He gave Herman my number and next day I was so happy to get them back, pay the promised reward (even though he didn’t do it for the reward.)
A big thanks to Herman, Reinhardt and all the other kind people who helped to track me down. Swellendam is the best town with the friendliest and most helpful people. Enid Williams.
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LOAD SHEDDING SCHEDULE: Asked why I don't post the schedule on the Daily Gram, my answer is that by the time I have uploaded and published the info the schedule has often changed. I urge everyone who has access to a phone or computer to download the ESP (Eskom Se Push) app. You will never have to rely on / ask for secondhand information again. It is completely free, you get notifications when things change, if you are travelling you can plan ahead around the power outages. YOU CAN ACCESS IT HERE

The April Swellendam Restaurant and Event Online guide is out. CLICK HERE

Download / share your free copy for all the information you need regarding opening hours, days, location, reservation numbers and also reviews. Please continue to send reviews of your favourite places so they can be featured - I have already started receiving them for May, so get them to by April 20th (with photos if possible.) Your reviews can be anonymous.
Swellendam Restaurant Guide

Swellendam Restaurant Guide

APRIL's guide features
An Exceptional Lunch
The Best weekend Venue
New Kid on the Wooden Block
People's Choices
as well as opening days, times, reviews and locations.
THE MARCH GUIDE IS ALSO AVAILABLE on that link if you wouldl ike to read the reviews for that month
MALE COLLIE X BORN 1.10.2022Dog friendlyCat friendly
BAILEY is an unclaimed stray who arrived in a very neglected state. He had mange all over his body which caused his skin to break out in hives and lumps.
He has slowly healed and has proven to be the sweetest boy with a gentle nature. BAILEY loves treats and it will not take long for him to become your best friend. He would be a wonderful companion for someone looking for a low energy puppy to adopt.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact the office on 028 514 2083 for more information or make an appointment to MEET HIM.
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