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We are so sad to announce that the baby Giraffe passed away.
We are still waiting for the autopsy to reveal the cause of death. We are all very sad. The Kwetu team did decide to continue with the competitions.
She was very special (yes, she was a gorgeous girl) and we would like to name her. We will announce the winner of the competition end of this week on our Facebook Page.
We will start off at 10h00 at the Drostdy Restaurant parking area where you will be given an overview of the route we will be taking and where Hennie Steyn will talk to us about the original Drostdy furrow which runs close to this area as well as other anecdotes of interest.
From there we will double up in shared vehicles and head off via Malta, the site of the 2nd mill in Swellendam. There Morley Thomson will inform us regarding this mill site (now the Thomson's home).
From there we will head into Marloth Reserve (no charge) where we will view the ruins of the first waterworks of the town, see the site where the unofficial breeding and selling of bush-pigs was conducted, view the site where the lumberjacks of the past played sport and kept their dynamite and where the old horse stables for the keeping of the horses used for hauling logs were situated.
We will then follow the route of the Waaihoek irrigation furrow, one of the many furrows which make up the Swellendam irrigation furrow system. The idea is to give members an idea of how clever this system is, a system devised a long time ago. We follow it from the source to its end. Thereafter we will end the tour with a quick visit to the current waterworks and learn about where, and how the water finds its way to the works.
Fear not, we will not be walking the route but driving it by car. Hopefully, members will once again offer to lift others so as to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum. Thereafter we will return to the parking area and have a bring and braai on the museum's threshing floor to end the day.

Join us for the 200th parkrun in Swellendam!

If you ever participated in one of our parkrun events, join us for this special milestone celebration. All of you who have joined only once or regularly have contributed to us making it this far so come and join with friends and family. The parkrun is forever free and for everyone. Come walk, jog or run and enjoy our unique untarred track through the forest around the dam.

Raak lus vir die Karoo oftewel Karoolus!

Kom geniet ‘n wonderlike dag van musiek hier by die Karoo Saloon saam met Koos Kombuis, Michael Canfield, Albert Meintjies en Tanya Storm, Lonesome Dave Ferguson en James Mundey.
Dit gaan kook so bespreek jou plek vroegtydig om teleurstelling te voorkom!
Kaartjies is beskikbaar by quicket.

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