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The GM at Jan Harmsgat is Francois Prins Manning.

Francois is passionate about making sure each guest gets the 5 star treatment that Jan Harmsgat is known for. He is also very skilled in putting an award winning team together.

Have you experienced the wonderful hospitality at JHG?

If so, go to their Facebook page and leave a comment under Francois' photo ..

Wolfkloof Hike on October 30th will also be added to Calendar.....
urban intervention
"These children were seen catching a ride on the truck up Reisiebaan yesterday. The child in the blue hoodie on the left was moving around and at times dragging his foot on the tarmac. The child on the right was wearing a yellow top. If you know these children please talk to them about how unbelievably dangerous this is." (posted by Natalie Brown)
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Vacancy guesthouse manager re

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seeking work
Saturday October 2nd
PS Landboudienste - The Gram Thursday 30th
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Wolfkloof Stap
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UP FOR ADOPTION AT SWELLENDAM SPCA: MAYA (Female/Siberian Husky, 7 years old)
MAYA was surrendered to us. She is a beautiful dog who is in need of secure fencing and an active family home. MAYA is dog friendly but does not like cats and chickens. If you are interested in adopting or for more information please click here
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