Swellendam Food & Events Guide

Just click the button to review your favourite restaurant Our restaurants are having such a hard time at the moment with load shedding - (as are we all, I know, but...) Lets give them a BOOST

Wine Pairing Evening

Wine Pairing Evening
Come and join us for an unforgettable evening of Food and Wine, with Lords Wines and produce from Homestead Serendipity 4 course meal with Lords Wines

Wednesday Date Nights at Christelles Bistro

Wednesday Date Nights at Christelles Bistro
Wednesday is Date Night Every Wednesday at Christelles Bistro

3 course dinner and wine - only R500 per couple
This month we will be attending a talk hosted by the Overberg Region of
the Botanical Society of South Africa. We will learn about Indigenous
Orchids and how to grow, protect and enjoy them.
As this is an open event and space is limited we do need to know numbers attending by the 20 th May please.

When: 7th June at 9.30am
Where: Aan de Eike
Refreshments: Tea or coffee with biscuits
Cost: R40
RSVP: Dawn dmw.way@gmail.com or whatsapp 072 445 1430
All are welcome.
Meet new people, swap garden tips or simply come for tea
and chat.
PETCO is giving a recycling workshop on
Tuesday 30th May 9-15:00. It will cover the latest updates in the SA recycling world and teach people how to start their own recycling business. We have limited seating but people can mail me on jvanniekerk@swellendam.gov.za to book a spot
Come and join us in Swellies at the beautiful Gaia Sanctuary, to learn with me, a variety of natural building techniques as well as an interesting system of a vermicomposting toilet that can not only eliminate the old school long drop system, the need for lugging yucky buckets of poop and washing after (saving water) but also give you a constant flow of worm compost Not only is it a reliant worm farm but also a means of transferring worms to your gardens Looking forward to seeing ya'all there!
PS i am open to a part trade for building materials or organic fresh produce / seed. Let's chat about it...
To book the workshop contact Heleen 061 384 2035

Wellness Talk

Wellness Talk
MONTHLY HEALTH AND WELLNESS TALKS IN SWELLENDAM. Meet our healers with these monthly informal talks. Each month we will be joined by different health and wellness professionals who will discuss different aspects of health and wellness. Ask them questions about treatments, get advice and mingle with your local health practitioners. There will be tea and coffee afterwards. The entrance …


Message received from ESKOM:

“We are happy to report, the load study indicated that we will be able to keep Swellendam substation alive during the outage.
So Swellendam town will not be affected by the outage on 8 June 2023.
But we will then need to take out Swellendam substation later the year for major maintenance.( Transformer, breakers, isolators, etc)
If the Municipality can give us a date that will suit them, except for a weekend, before October please – we can start organising the outage”
MALECOLLIE XBORN 18.04.2020 ️ Dog Friendly
LICKEY has been surrendered to our SPCA as the owners had outgrown him... LICKY is a very sweet boy. He loves giving hugs and he is very playful. He enjoys time out playing and socializing.
He gives excellent kisses and would make an amazing family pet.He is well socialized with other dogs. Cats have not been tested. A meet and greet with existing dogs is a must.

If you are interested in adopting please contact the office on 028 514 2083 or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to meet him.
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