The Happy Heart Cookbook was designed to focus on lowering the load on the cardiovascular system which relates to your heart. The Happy Heart Cookbook represents B-well's commitment to positive change in the local consumer market.
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The wreck of the Meisho Maru in Cape Agulhas.

Stunning photo and story from Cathy Van Eeden
One can still see the remains of the Japanese fishing vessel that ran aground in 1982. This part of the coast is notoriously dangerous and has caused many a ship to settle in its final resting place. Due to this dangerous coastline Agulhas is home to the third oldest lighthouse built and the second oldest lighthouse still in operation. This spot is famous for its fabulous sunsets and with the backdrop of the wreck it is a visitors and photographers favorite spot. A magical place to have a picnic and sundowners.

Swellendam Camera Club Winners:

Every day This week Swellengram is sharing the monthly competition winners.
The winners are decided by the members of the Club voting.
The Club meets on the second Thursday in every month.
and is open to all photography enthusiasts in Swellendam. Whether you are playing around with a cell phone camera, or you made photography a career, you are welcome to join.
Shortcut - Overberg by Marié Bester (Open Section)
Langeberg Hospice needs new Committee Members
Langeberg Hospice provides palliative care in Swellendam, Buffeljagsrivier,
Suurbraak and to the surrounding areas. The Hospice has expanded enormously
and provides a wonderful service to those in need.
We are looking for volunteers to become part of the committee to strengthen our
quality service and thus make a greater impact on the community.
Do you have innovative ideas to share, or is accounting your forte, or maybe you
have need to serve?
Please contact Reinet Aubrey 076 834 2998 or Sally Minor 076 232 0641 for more
'Love is like electricity sometimes; it may shock you anytime, yet you cannot live without it.'


This Valentine's Day ... show how you really care and sponsor an animal in the kennels at Swellendam SPCA.
For only R100 each, you'll make a difference in their lives
Send your Valentine's Day donation to:
Swellendam SPCANedbank Savings Accoun t20044 297 63 Ref: Valentine sponsor
An even better Valentine's Day gesture would be to visit these lovelies!

(Who knows - you might just fall in love!

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Mid-level position for someone with experience in nursery establishment and management with a track record or ecological restoration. The individual will assist in launching a new project with an international partner. As a small team, the role could also involve engagement with a range of activities, including alien clearing inspections and management, environmental education, and freshwater monitoring. Field ranger experience in freshwater monitoring including SASS, fish monitoring and water quality monitoring would be an advantage. Read MORE
We are looking for a hard-working individual who is independent and learns quickly. The role will support our existing projects with a range of tasks specifically: alien clearing inspections and management, environmental education, rehabilitation, and nursery management. Field ranger experience in freshwater monitoring including SASS, fish monitoring and water quality monitoring would also be an advantage or a willingness to take on these tasks and learn quickly. The role requires a high level of physical fitness to access remote area and sleep out in a wilderness setting. Read MORE
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