A taste of Seville in Swellendam

A taste of Seville in Swellendam
“Yes,” I replied with a smile, “This is my dancing family.” We needed the joyful choreography, the camaraderie and to feastour eyes on so much beauty, a healing force often underestimated...

Snakes and Dogs

As Spring approaches and the weather is warming up snakes will become more active and this is potentially where our dogs can come into contact with these snakes creating a risk to both the snake and our beloved pet. This article, shared by Geoff Burgess on his highly informative Facebook Page, highlights this danger and gives some very good advice on what you can do to help reduce the risk.

Camera Club August Winning Entries

Cell phone winner
Hennie Blignaut “Kgalagadi Sunrise”
Female Small mixed breed (+-7kg).
Born 10.07. 2022️ Dog Friendly️ Cat Friendly
ADELAIDE was surrendered unwanted. She truly loves affection and being held in your arms like a baby.
ADELAIDE is very gentle natured and calm. She is an old soul and will be a wonderful companion dog.
She is well socialized with other dogs and is unreactive towards cats. She does need some time to warm up to other dogs around her but she gets there quickly.

If you are interested in adopting please call the office on 028 514 2083 or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to meet her.
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