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Saturdays and Sundays 08h00- 14h00

Our charming Eatery invites you to enjoy delightful light meals infused with our B-well products, while basking in the cosy warmth of our fireplace.

Join us at Oil Mill B-well Factory Shop & Eatery at 241 Voortrekker Street, Swellendam. See you there!

B-well is proud to be sponsoring the annual Around The Pot cycling event, taking place on the July 29 2023 in the beautiful town of Swellendam. As South Africa’s biggest gravel race cycling event in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, B-well Around The Pot promises to be an exciting and challenging experience ....

Wellness Talk

Wellness Talk
June 28th Drostdy Schuur 6 pm
This month we are talking all about mental and physical wellbeing.
The Friends of the Drostdy invite EVERY resident of Swellendam to our
According to Trip Advisor, the Drostdy Museum is the 17th most popular museum out of the more than 300 museums in South Africa. Come and hear how you can use YOUR talents and gifts to maintain, improve and preserve this treasure on behalf of our town.
We are extremely dependent on the involvement of the community.
Drostdy Restaurant

Drostdy Restaurant

The Drostdy Restaurant is OPEN from tomorrow night 22nd after period of closure for renovations. The Drostdy Restaurant has the most beautiful mountain views in town, overlooking an indigenous garden, with a giant Wild Fig tree landmarking this historic 1757 heritage building.

Republic Swellendam

Fellow citizens and countrymen of the Republic, friends and loved ones .....

Ciabatta Bread Baking Workshop

CIABATTA BREAD BAKING WORKSHOP. 27 June 2023 17h30 R350 PER PERSON At the workshop you will receive a hamper sponsored by Eureka Mills, I caked This, Republic and Impressive Laser Cutting. After the workshop we will enjoy a Light Dinner and great wine sponsored by Excelsior Wine Estate..

Swellendam Food & Events Guide

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Night Trail Run
Swellendam Parkrun

Swellendam Parkrun

Every Saturday at 8:00am
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