Swellendam Music Society Winter Concert

Swellendam Music Society Winter Concert

Jana van der Walt commenced with her musical tuition in Johannesburg at the age of six. Since relocating to the Western Cape some years ago, she has received numerous awards at various Eisteddfods and was awarded gold medals for three consecutive years at local Eisteddfods for the best piano player in different categories. She was a member of the Tygerberg …
Swellendam Parkrun

Swellendam Parkrun

This coming Saturday, 15 July 2023, will be our last parkrun on the current course until end of February 2024. The municipality is upgrading our water provision and we will not be able to access the stretch towards the pumphouse. We are in the process of obtaining approval to amend the route until we have a more permanent solution.
Eerskomende Saterdag, 15 Julie 2023, sal ons laaste parkrun op die huidige baan tot einde Februarie 2024 wees. Die munisipaliteit is besig om ons watervoorsiening op te gradeer en ons sal nie toegang tot die roete tot by die pomphuis kan kry nie.Ons is in die proses om goedkeuring te verkry om die roete te wysig totdat ons 'n meer permanente oplossing het.


The Herero Rebellion in German SWA

The Herero Rebellion in German SWA
A talk by Dr Gerhard Pool on the Herero Rebellion in German SWA in 1904. The Swellendam Heritage Association has an exceptional speaker and subject this month. Our speaker is Dr. Gerhard Pool who will enlighten us on the causes and results of the Herero Rebellion in the then-German South West Africa (Namibia). The Herero nation launched an armed rebellion …
MALE BORN 29.01.2023
NACHO is super sweet and loving. He is very gentle and enjoys getting head scratches. NACHO has beautiful green eyes and a very fluffy coat. He would be a lovely companion kitty.

If you are interested in adopting please call the office on 028 514 2083 or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to meet him.
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