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Swellengram 'Odd Couple' Graham and Amanda would like to thank everyone for the amazing reception given to our baby 'Miss Swellengram'. We have been busy distributing it locally so hopefully you have been able to get your hands on a copy... Keep it safe, because you will be able to build a collection as we tell stories, promote businesses and activities, and give you 'food' for thought as further editions come out, If you can't get one locally - you will also be able to find them at the Cape Town Waterfront, and Cableway, the national airports in Jozi, Durban and Cape Town as well as wine farms in Bonnievale and many other strategic spots between Cape Town and George,
If we have enough left they will be placed in the goody bags provided by the organisers of the Old Mutual Double Century and the Swellendam Sports Festival.
We plan to include in future editions:
Important local contact directory / maps / and 4xpage full outs on neighbouring towns or villages.
We welcome feedback on the current editi0n - and suggestions as to what you would like to see in future, Email to
If you are interested in booking a space in the next edition please click HERE for rates and availability
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Anonymous Letter and a Challenge

Last week I attended an inspiring meeting where we listened to people from the Hospitality businesses in Swellendam talking about their experiences during lockdown and how they had found that working together with competitors was the way to go.
Unfortunately, the positive vibe was dampened at the end by one individual who proceeded to shout and use abusive language at the assembled group, behave in a threatening manner to someone who asked him to sit down and storm off, leaving no room for discussion.
I went home and had a long think about the situation. I want to respond to the individual publicly, as so many other people were witness to this moment. I also would prefer to remain anonymous as I do not want to place myself in danger of attack by this volatile person.
So I have asked Mrs.. Gram if she would post this challenge to him on my behalf.

'One of the things you said was: “I have been here for 10 years without any support from the community”. We both know this statement is untrue. Many people in Swellendam have tried to help and support your business over the years, but now rather choose to steer clear from your fiery temper.
Please ask yourself how often in the last 10 years you have supported or attended events hosted in and around Swellendam? Have you been actively supporting local businesses? Have you hosted a special evening or invited locals to purchase a ticket to come and enjoy your fine establishment? Have you been involved in any initiative to try and draw guests to our town?
I know so many people who have suffered tremendously because of Covid, and despite this they are still out there supporting Local and making a difference – no matter how small.

My challenge to you is instead of spreading negativity try and embrace our loving community and try being a part of the community instead of the outsider you have made yourself to be…… you might be pleasantly surprised!"
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Immediate position for Housekeeper available. Must have hospitality experience. Contact Marilouise 0834461123
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29 - 31 Oct
Pack out the kit bags, spit and shine those boots and clean the mess kits as we celebrate Marius"s birthday.:
Our Joint Operations Planning
  • ; All boots on the ground on Friday for a jam night from 18h00.
  • Check your six for Akkedis and Southbound in full battle kit from 17h00.
  • On Sunday from 12h00 we declare the Saloon a demilitarized zone as the Betsies don their civvies.
    Room bookings at 072 250 90559
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MILLY is a beautiful sweetheart!! She is well socialized with cats & dogs and very loving too. MILLY so badly deserves a loving home... If you are interested in adopting or for more information please click here
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