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Did you know that the world drinks close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day?
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Stand against drug abuse and gender based violence (2)
If you see or suspect a dog is being mistreated you call the SPCA.
What if it is a human being?

The scourge of physical, mental and emotional abuse inflicted on women and children is not ;limited to race or culture. You might dismiss it as just a thing that happens on all pay-days when the grants have been collected and the liquor shops emptied and the parties turn into battlegrounds.
But it isn't.
In many cases it is systematic abuse, planned and designed to wield power and control over 'weaker' members of the household. It happens as much behind the doors of eight bed-roomed mansions with huge swimming pools as it does in the humble corrugated zinc sheeted homes of informal areas. Even though it might not affect your family directly, it's very likely that you know someone who is affected by it. And although you might suspect it, you can't prove it or don't think you should interfere.
Intervention is impossible because it could make the situation worse for the abused. Organisations cannot do much unless the abused person themselves reaches out for help. And too often they are so thoroughly downtrodden, cowed and defeated - separated from any network of friends or family who could help - no personal phone allowed and with children to protect.- that they are incapable of seeking help. (Let alone the thought of the beating that will come their way if discovered.)
Personally I am all for supporting the above mentioned march which precedes the upcoming 16 days of activism but what I would really like is for the community of Swellendam to do more than march. The culture of secrecy must stop. We need safe houses, support systems, protection and awareness.
We need to set up a local phone line or Whatsapp Group (like Samaritans or ChildLine) so children or women can call for help with the knowledge that professionals will help them and keep them safe.. Maybe there is such a thing already? if so please lets hear more about it.. If you email I will do my utmost to get the message out there on every platform possible.
For now - if you care - join the march - show solidarity - connect with one another - and maybe something concrete can come out of those connections.

From 25th November - 10th December 16 Days of Activism 2021 will be taking place.
The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign (16 Days Campaign) is a United Nations campaign which takes place annually from 25 November (International Day of No Violence against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day).
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