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Glen Stud Farm (2)

The first villa at Glen Stud Farm, Swellendam is now open for bookings.

Call our reservations office on 087 012 5356

R3,600 per night SLEEPS 6

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What an opportunity!....

Milton Schorr is an award-winning writer with credits spanning theatre, TV, travel and film, and an actor with appearances in several Hollywood and local productions

The evening will include: A signed copy of Strange Fish, as well as the audiobook courtesy of BiB Africa.Pizza with Meraai A discussion on the nuts & bolts of story-writing, and...... …
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Limited seats .Refreshments for sale Community hall
Snuff Snaf Dogs Salon main sponsor.
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A Baby Boom time at Hospice. Wonderful clothes, toys and equipment for babies now in our shop. Call in and find a bargain for your little ones. (1)
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