Swellengram Media House (pty)Ltd aka the Odd Couple aka Graham (Papa G) and Amanda (Mrs Gram) and their trusty and indispensable assistant Zee, are proud to announce a brand new platform for their website SWELLENDAM.COM
It has a new look and feel and is easier to navigate for both spectators and clients.

We would love all the Gram readers to go and check it out HERE - we welcome feedback, suggestions, contributions, new clients.

As a brand new site, we are concerned there may be a few 'glitches' so please do email graham@swellengram.co.za with any technical problems you encounter

If your business listing is not there - contact admin@swellengram.co.za

As far as the Daily Gram is concerned - you may find yourself back on the list although you previously unsubscribed - if this is the case please unsubscribe at the bottom of this Gram and accept our apologies - our subscribed members are now over 2,000 so its hard to keep track of individuals...... contact swellengram@gmail.com for any queries about the Gram.

AND NOW .....
Midas Swellendam’s familiar orange and black signage stands out as a trusted beacon on Voortrek Road in Swellendam, the familiar household brand represents a ‘one-stop’ store that is filled with automobile parts and accessories that fits almost every make and model.


Swellendam Area Covid 19 Updates

Tomorrow we are again at the Swellendam Showgrounds from 8am giving vaccinations for people above 35. Provision has been made for about 150 walk-in's and 580 with appointments ........
Môre doen ons weer vaksinerings vir almal bo 35jaar by die skougronde vanaf 8h00. Daar word voorsiening gemaak vir ongeveer 150 walk-ins en ongeveer 580 geskeduleerdes. .....

Are you suffering from Cave Syndrome?

Are you suffering from Cave Syndrome?
You are not alone! Since lockdown began, many of us have become socially anxious and have developed a preference for a more hermit like existence.  People are susceptible to develop stress, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering from trauma. The advent of Coronavirus, the subsequent lockdown, enforced separation from loved ones and polarised views of vaccinations causing friendship rifts …
If you ARE suffering from Cave Syndrome - then this new local Swellendam Service could not have come at a better time. This service will collect and deliver your laundry, groceries and your pharmacy needs. It will also collect and deliver your orders from local restaurants, AND - when you are finally ready to fully reintegrate into society - you won't need a designated driver in your group. For a very reasonable price you can visit wine farms in Bonnievale. (Also Cape Town and airport shuttles are available)
LOCAL JOURNEYS: R50 pp for people shuttle, R20 for food delivery. Surcharges outside Swellendam, check when you book.
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The Gram

Swellendam Music Society

Swellendam Music Society
On Sunday, Erna, Lisa Perold, her sister Chi-Chi and I, visited the home of the Swellendam Music Society (SMS). Old houses need constant attention and that is exactly what is happening at Rheenendal. The room that will be used for concerts is going through extensive renovations. Cracks in the walls were fixed, and during the next two weeks the floor will …
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OGIES has not had the life she deserves. After not being "useful" as a working dog, she was used for breeding. That also didn't satisfy her original owners as her litters weren't big enough. A kind family took her in but unfortunately it didn't work out because she was not getting along with the family's cats and chickens.

OGIES would do best with dogs of similar age and energy levels. She is a very loving dog and craving for a forever bond with a family to call her own.
If you are interested in adopting or for more information please click here
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Website and app, along with this current online newsletter which reaches over 2000 voluntary subscribers (daily), a lifestyle magazine, associated social media platforms and QR Codes.
Any and all businesses and services are invited to take up the opportunity to reach their target market. Clients can maintain their own listing and updates for a mere R99.00 a month – once listed they will be promoted to the huge database which has been built up by Swellengram over the last 12 years, as well as social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. AND If you don’t like the idea of maintaining / updating your own listing – contact

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SWELLENGRAM's mission is to become a strong community ‘binder’, to foster a spirit of pride and optimism in the enterprises in the local area, and to keep residents fully informed of events, services and local matters of interes