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Travel writer Roxanne Reid visited Swellendam last week for an article on the local restaurants. What did she have to say?
Read her article here
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Pinky's story
'Our youngest daughter Trinity (aka Pinky) is 10 years old. Pinky started getting sick at the beginning of lockdown 2020.
After many gruelling appointments she was finally referred to Red Cross. After two invasive biopsies, a lumbar puncture and a bone marrow biopsy she was finally diagnosed ( August) with Aggressive Fibromatosis, one of only 10 cases seen in children at the Red Cross. Her tumour is between her nasal passages, her brain and her eye( which she stood stood a very good chance of losing). It has up to now eviscerated most of her sphenoid bones and a child's fist full of necrotic bone. Her tumour is rare and she is part of a research programme to help understand the tumour better. Now 19 months later after 5 surgeries, countless MRIs , CT and CAT scans as well as a Hickmann's line which was later removed we are no closer to a solution .Chemo was on the cards and we prepped for it. However only to discover that the chemo won't work fast enough because the tumour continues to grow at an alarming rate. So now we are down to the last option we were all hoping would never happen. She now has to face 5 straight weeks of radiotherapy which will result in secondary tumours, cataracts, hair loss nausea and many other permanent drawbacks. Which will then possibly require chemo. Up to this point we are now financially and emotionally drained. We have lost everything including our car. The petrol and accommodation costs for Pinky and I are when we are CT are very expensive hence us now staying at a Choc house. Our funds are depleted and we cannot pay our bills let alone keep food on the table. We also have 3 other very beautiful children who have to endure all of this with us. There have been no birthdays or Christmas. They do not deserve this and any reprieve for them would be so dearly appreciated.'
There is to be a fundraiser for this family at Barrel and Blues on November 13th - please Whatsapp Gerald on 079 978 49872 with any offers of help or for more information.
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