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Water has a dramatic impact on food services operation worldwide and the quality of the water used in any beverage will influence both the success of the end-product, as well as the longevity of your equipment. Read more online
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Stealing an easily identifiable sign from outside a shop - what on earth are you going to do with it? Sell it to someone who is going to start a business with same name? 'Guesthouse Warehouse.' Such an inconvenience and expense to the business owners - if anyone is able to find out anything leading to identifying the perpetrators of this vandalism please let the owners know Details Here
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- All tickets have been collected.

- Applications for stalls have also closed.

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MILLY is a beautiful sweetheart!! She is well socialized with cats & dogs and very loving too. MILLY so badly deserves a loving home... If you are interested in adopting or for more information please click here
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This is an interactive workshop packed with practical tools so that you can support your body through the festive season and beyond. If you would like to attend please let me know. Space is limited to 6 people so it is important to book your spot.
I hope to see some of you there
Charisse Fourie
Certified TRE Provider & Wellbeing Coach
Divas and Diamonds
26 November Albert Meintjies & Tanya Störm
Accomplished singer songwriter Albert Meintjes (acoustic guitar and vocals) has a deep love for Southern American flavours of music and where they meet African rhythms and these traits are rooted deep in his music.
Tanja Storm (vocals and keyboards) is a multi-talented and skilled vocalist, instrumentalist and music director. “Music is part of me - it is who I am.
27 November Luna Paige
Our favourite Diva, Luna Paige singing her own compositions, accompanied by a true SA Diamond, bassist Schalk van der Merwe, what a magical evening for all.
28 November Kenny Hughes
Kenny Hughes is a singer, songwriter and guitarist busy leaving his mark on the global music scene.
Come enjoy a Sunday lunch time Show at our Divas & Diamonds festival with great food and a great vibe! Click HERE for more information about the events.

Letting Go and Welcoming In

Good morning fellow self-healers We have some exciting Day Retreats coming up in Swellendam at the gorgeous De Kloof Luxury Estate Boutique Hotel & SPA which I wanted to let you know about. Join Susan Rossetto and myself on 10 December for a Letting Go Retreat. Say goodbye to 2021! …
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