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Advertisement Booking

The team has been expanded to 4 – and what a powerhouse we are going to be!
Amanda Shackley (aka Mrs Gram) will remain editor and writer, and Graham Mutyambizi is going to focus on our new website (launching July 29th)  and social media.

We are joined by Margaux Tait as Creative Director, and Scot Bleasdale is to be the Sales Executive. 

Our plan is to grow the potential of the Swellengram magazine – and to this end, we are changing the name from Swellengram to TRAVELGRAM.

 The style will be different – despite its A5 size, which we are retaining for the sake of portability and ease of display, it will have the same look and feel of a coffee table magazine, and we are aiming for a minimum of 52 pages which will allow us to have a ‘spine’. It will be very visual – and the articles, content, and images will be original and engaging. We will be bringing out the booklet quarterly – the first TravelGram will be on the shelves at the beginning of October. 

Each one will have an underlying theme appropriate to the season which will be reflected in editorial content, design and images.

There will be a ‘house style’ so we will ask advertisers to consider this when submitting their content. We will be more than happy to create ads on behalf of our contributors

An initial run of 8,000 hard copies will be distributed throughout the Western Cape – and with the use of QR coding we are partnering up with Go See Do for digital presence further afield, at airports in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban so the reach will be considerable.

 We intend to increase the numbers of published copies as the magazine gains a following and establishes itself in the market, which we are very confident it will do

 Advertisers in the booklet will have the opportunity to increase their digital presence with our range of social media and new website which will be launched on July 29th. 

This is  a unique product – ‘a pleasure to browse and a treasure to collect’ 

If you want to come with us on this journey – (imagine, in a few years as we stand to collect our award for innovation, (or creativity, or photography etc ) you can claim you were there at the beginning!) then call Scotty on 072 147 6107 to grab your spot or complete the form below 

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The TravelGram  will be distributed by local retailers, farm stalls and service stations and visitor hot-spots. along the N2, R60 and R62 Roads from Cape Town to George.  Accommodation providers and local restaurants will also be supplied with copies for their guests. Using QR Codes and the support of GOSeeDO it will have a nation wide digital presence 

This edition of the magazine will be printed on A5 glossy paper with 52 pages. 20 advertising pages are available in the following formats.

  • Double Page Spread (297mm width X 210mm height)
  • Full Page (148mm width X 210mm height)
  • Half Page(140mm width X 97mm height)
  • 1/4 Page (140mm width X 43mm height)
  • Classified Listing (logo and business contact details)

*due to limited space advertising is available on a first come first serve basis. 3-5mm bleed required on single and double page ads.

The magazine will feature general local content, events and destinations. Paid advertising can either be an advertorial or branded advertisement. Should you be supplying your own content please ensure its is created at 300 dpi for best quality. If you would like us to create the advertorial on your behalf, we will need a logo and a selection of photos.

Ad Bookings – August 20th
Artwork Submission –  August 25th