Beware of ATM theft

Beware of ATM theft

To all Guesthouses and Hosts in Swellendam and the General Public.  

PLEASE can you actively advise your guests ( Notice in the Rooms) not to draw money from any ATM’s in town. Foreigners and out-of towner’s are spotted by the sophisticated thieves who prey on people drawing cash at ATM’s.

Capitec is a very vulnerable one, its closest to guest houses,  its on a corner, many people hang around there and they have no camera installed. During the day you can ask for an assistant to be with you if you MUST draw.

Once you draw cash at an ATM you are a walking target for thieves who are watching all your movements. The theft is done from a nearby parked car by means of a laptop so its almost impossible for them to be spotted or caught. Its very hard for this to be policed.  If you should notice anything please report it. Its often people coming from Cape Town that perpetrate this fraud. Also if you must draw please check the slot for a device where you insert your card and NEVER ACCEPT HELP FROM ANYONE no matter how they look or how friendly they are.   This really needs to be communicated to all our tourists and taken very seriously. 

 The persons requiring cash can draw at Spar and Checkers and should be encouraged to do so during day light hours.   If you do get scammed your bank overseas will require a case number to pursue the fraud. This is also true for Capitec and Standard Bank clients  and probably all banks. You will be told by the Police that you will have to come back to testify if the perpetrator is caught. 

The likelihood of this happening ( being caught) is very slim so you must still pursue a case number.   Ask for the Station Commander if you are not helped. The police also need to know how often this is happening so they can increase visibility. They too will be putting out a notice.  

Capitec would like to give a  talk and tips to guest house owners and the general public. Please advise if you are interested? If you can offer a venue for this to happen please also advise.   Thank you.


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