Core Breathing, Body Stretching and Kimchi

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Core Breathing, Body Stretching and Kimchi

Pilot Course 2 March 26/27/28

A short lecture each day preceding stretching class covering topics such as the Meridian lines which are the pathways of accu-points in the body, connected to their various organs and joints etc.

Learn how to understand your body’s aches and pains better and how to alleviate them through easy stretching and awareness.

Learn to connect to the core of your physical body through Breathing, bringing emotional and mental balance.

On the last day we will have a hands on making of a fermented product, Kimchi, which is so good for gut health, after a quick recap of the exercises.

COURSE TIMES: The course will start promptly at 14h00, and the first workshop/module will end at 17h00. There will be a break with coffee provided.
Each day, participants should gather at the designated venue at 8h30 for coffee. Courses start promptly at 09h00. Please bring your own lunch.
The courses will end at 17h00 each day except the last, when they end at 12.30.
Participants are requested to complete and submit a Course Evaluation Questionnaire at the completion of the course.
Contact the Registration Office on 076 503 3503 for help….




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