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Fabric design and printing

PILOT WEEK 2: March 26/27/28

Mass produced items clutter an already over-stocked market and it is hard to find unique, once-off, hand-made products characterised by individuality, quality and style. Express your identity and have some fun creating your own unique designs and images and then printing them – by hand – on 100% cotton cloth. In the process, you will also learn how to do silkscreen and block printing.
The three-day-workshop offers you the chance to print three items.
The five-day-workshop, where you print four items, provides you with the skills to work independently afterwards.
About Esme Kruger:
“I love the process of making art. For me, expressing my creativity is life-giving. As a graduate in fine arts, I taught art, worked as a museum artist and did graphic and media design for video productions. I also worked as a design promoter and was involved in national and international design workshops, events and publications in a variety of roles. Textiles have always fascinated me and since 2004 I did several textile design, printing and dyeing courses, specialising in cotton and silk. In 2016 I moved to Swellendam and established the Hand Printing Studio where I hope to share my passion for printing with like-minded souls.”


COURSE TIMES: The course will start promptly at 14h00, and the first workshop/module will end at 17h00. There will be a break with coffee provided.
Each day, participants should gather at the designated venue at 8h30 for coffee. Courses start promptly at 09h00. Please bring your own lunch.
The courses will end at 17h00 each day except the last, when they end at 12.30.
Participants are requested to complete and submit a Course Evaluation Questionnaire at the completion of the course.
Contact the Registration Office on 076 503 3503 for help….



    1. Hi, I see the description says five days, but the course is only three days. Please let me know when and for how long the course will be. I’m really interested.

    2. Hi Madelene, we see you have booked for this course. Hooray! The course information describes a 3-day and 5-day. This one is the 3-day. We will look out for your payment in order to confirm your booking. Please tell your friends!


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