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Pilot Course Week 1 MARCH 19 /20 /21

The course is designed to provide the participants with skills to ensure that they can identify some of the essential natural processes and organisms around us as well as how to conserve and incorporate these into everyday life. Our aim is to have fun and see our fantastic surrounds while we all learn together.
The main theme of the course revolves around gaining a holistic look at the environment around us and using this knowledge to garden with nature. I would like to make everyone a little of an ecologist so we can learn how to occupy and share our living space with what little is left of nature around us.
There will be beautiful walks in local nature reserves, along the Breede river and along the Koornlands river which runs through our town. We will learn sustainable wild food harvesting and foraging for other sources of food.
This will be a wonderful course for all those who love the outdoors and our natural environment.


Nick Scholtz has been a professional conservationist since 1985 and has worked in various posts around the Western Cape before deciding to leave the city bustle and try smallholding 20 years ago. He has completed the National Diploma in Nature Conservation and several other courses in various conservation fields. He considers himself a specialist in river ecology and has extensive knowledge of Fynbos and Forest Ecology. After living in the Karoo for a while he found Swellendam with its abundant water and bought a small patch of land on the Koornlands river where he has tried and tested various ways to become self sufficient. He is currently still a part time ranger for a local conservancy and runs a small environmental consultancy to assist those needing advice with environmental issues. His love is learning to live in sync with the environment around him and teaching others to do the same. He believes that if people start to learn to live with nature their quality and enjoyment of life will be so much better. He and his partner Helga, currently run a small nursery as well, where he teaches food and medicinal gardening.

COURSE TIMES: The course will start promptly at 14h00, and the first workshop/module will end at 17h00. There will be a break with coffee provided.
Each day, participants should gather at the designated venue at 8h30 for coffee. Courses start promptly at 09h00. Please bring your own lunch.
The courses will end at 17h00 each day except the last, when they end at 12.30.
Participants are requested to complete and submit a Course Evaluation Questionnaire at the completion of the course.
Contact the Registration Office on 076 503 3503 for help….



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