Clean Audit for Swellendam Municipality


4th consecutive Clean Audit for Swellendam Municipality

Swellendam Municipality secured its 4th Clean Audit in a row for the 2017/2018 financial year. This fourth clean audit is testament to what is possible in local government through consistent hard work, critical application of resources and sheer determination. In achieving this Audit outcome for 2017/2018, we contend that Swellendam Municipality continues to deliver good and affordable basic services for all our communities, despite limited resources.

Asked for comment, the Executive Mayor, Mr Nicholas Myburgh, said:

“ We are extremely proud of maintaining this excellent record of Clean Audits and good governance. It is only when highly competent and dedicated management combines with political leadership which puts the people first that we are able to achieve such great financial results. My gratitude and appreciation goes to the Municipal Manager,  the entire senior management and all support staff for making this achievement possible. When we get Clean Audits the people can rest assured that their money and the finances of the municipality are in safe hands!”

What is a Clean Audit? A clean audit is also known as an ‘unqualified audit opinion with no findings’. It confirms that the financial statements are free from material misstatements, that there are no material findings on the annual performance report, and that there are no material findings of non-compliance with key legislation. Furthermore, it confirms that the municipality has complied with applicable legislation in relation to financial management and that the performance information in the annual performance report was found to be reliable and useful. A clean audit also means that the institution is essentially free from fraud, corruption, and financial mismanagement, and that every cent can be accounted for.

The Municipal Manager, Mr Anton Groenewald said:

“The clean audit opinion has provided me with the right platform to keep in line with the vision and mission of this organization with individuals working together as a team. The municipality strives towards providing the best quality service delivery to its community and keeps true to the mandate as stipulated by our Constitution. The good governance processes   introduced over the past few years are paying off and the community can be assured that the administration is geared towards continued improvement in all respects. It is with gratitude that I thank my staff, each and every individual who has been a part of the past financial year, you have done us proud!” 

We contend that our financial records, procedures, processes and internal controls are, in the opinion of the Auditor-General, compliant with the highest audit standards which has resulted in a clean audit outcome. The community of Swellendam can therefore be assured that the administration is managing its resources responsibly and are rendering basic services as effectively and affordably as possible.

Various key service delivery improvements were achieved during the year under review.  The strategic direction of the current leadership seeks to focus on improved performance in the capital budget, timeous delivery of bulk infrastructure, and a continuous delivery of housing opportunities for those on the waiting list.

Infrastructure maintenance, upgrading and development remain the key in the development and growth of every municipality. The Municipality continues to invest in infrastructure to create opportunities and provide services for all our residents.

The Municipal Manager continued by adding… “Our aim for next year is to maintain our status and achieve a 5th Clean Audit opinion. Furthermore we want to improve on our overall performance in terms of ensuring our outputs are ultimately outcomes based and ensuring quality, sustainable, cost-effective service delivery is provided to all community members.”

The 2017/2018 Auditor-General Report will be tabled to Council at the meeting scheduled for January 2019. The annual performance  report which includes the financial statements and Auditor General’s report  will be submitted to Council and these reports will be made public immediately after the Council meeting and will be available for perusal and public input at various municipal offices and on the municipal website during February 2019. The Municipal Public Accounts Committee will deal with the reports early in March 2019 and an oversight report will be tabled to the council in March 2019 together with the annual report for adoption.


“Swellendam Municipality…putting People First through Growth and Development!”


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