Update:  Minnie Pienaar passed away early in 2019, after battling illness for a long time.  It was a privilege to know her, and Swellendam is left poorer by her loss.   The community of Swellendam loved her, and love Bert, for whom our love and sympathy is strong and heartfelt.

Bert and Minnie Pienaar, long-time residents of Pretoria, involved in the corporate world and managing their own businesses, were more than ready to exchange city living for a life in the ‘platteland’. It was to the huge benefit of Swellendam that, on a stopover, they fell head over heels in love with the town. Their love for coffee triggered the establishment of the company Clock Peaks, trading as Clock Peaks Coffee Roasters. Their love of mountains also played a role in this – the peaks above the town are named after hours: Tienuurkop, Elfuurkop, Twaalfuurkop and Eenuurkop – and thus their two great passions were combined into one unique brand.
“For us, coffee is everything but incomparable service is just as important” says Bert. This is so evident in everything they do – the quality of the product and packaging, the warmth and enthusiasm with which they involve themselves in the community and events, and the fantastic care with which they treat their staff, who are considered partners. If you pay a visit to their Roastery you will recognize immediately from your reception that the staff are nurtured, respected and extremely happy.
Clock Peaks Coffee is a familiar sight at many local events – to name but a few: SA Schools Canoe Sprints, Around the Pot MTB Breede River Canoe Marathon. Silver Mountain Music Festival, Bear and Beaver Motorcycle events and the Berry Festival.
As part of their social responsibility and ploughing back into the community they are in the process of establishing a barista school where young local people can learn skills
in the coffee industry. Watch this space!


  1. Minnie and Bert it is so great to see you both in your business. Congratulations! You both look wonderful. Trusting Pieter and family are doing well. We think of you all frequently.

  2. Dear Sirs,

    AHI Western Cape will be coming to Swellendam to be giving their business training to all classes of entrepreneurs. Chairman of AHI Western Cape, Dr. Willie Cilliers will be making an appearance associated with the Swellendam’s Business chamber, doing an introduction which would be a valuable story to place in the paper. If one of your journalists could attend and take photos and publish a story that would be great!

    Venue: Swellendam Library
    Date: 3 and 4 September 2018
    Time: 9:20am

    Could you confirm that someone will be capturing this event. Many thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Samantha Jayne Dade


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