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Creating Wellness for the Swellendam Community

  • Posted 10 months ago
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In a time when our town has faced setbacks, we are called to come together as a community and not let those challenges hinder our progress towards building our community’s wellness.

On Thursday 7 September, 30 dedicated citizens gathered for the second public meeting of the Swellendam Wellness Forum (SWF), an initiative that aims to promote wellness and create a sense of togetherness among our people.

The vision behind SWF is to make wellness a priority for each and every individual in our community, as it is not just the responsibility of a select few. By pooling our resources and supporting each other’s projects, we can become more informed about what is happening within our community and find ways to support one another.

We believe that every resident and role-player in Swellendam – from businesses and government, to schools and community organizations – plays a crucial role in our collective wellbeing and that together, we can create a community that is thriving and well. We are committed to interacting with fellow citizens in a positive manner, seeking to understand their concerns and desires and co-creating collaborative solutions.

It is important to note that the current economic climate makes it difficult for us to make promises without access to the necessary resources. Unfortunately, funding that was promised to assist these wellness initiatives fell through, leaving many of our proposed projects hanging in the balance. However, we remain determined to identify available resources and assets, so that we can actively contribute to positive outcomes in our community.

One outstanding project that deserves recognition is the Cleaning, Repairing, Painting, and Planting (CRPP) initiative, of which we saw an example from Welkom, presented by Barend Le Grange in our first meeting. This project seeks to uplift our spirits by creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment to live in. In addition, we are excited about recognizing the value of innovation in waste management, with a focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling, as this both contributes to a healthy environment and has the potential to stimulate a waste economy. Dr Melanie Ludwig, associated with Swellendam Municipality’s Solid Waste division, provided a thought-provoking presentation on this topic during our meeting.

During our discussions, Mikal Lambert, an expert in community projects and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), emphasized the importance of interacting with community members and giving them ownership over their needs. It is crucial to hear citizens’ concerns, understand the strengths and assets inherent in the community, and respond appropriately.

We invite anyone who wishes to contribute to the SWF, in any capacity, to reach out to us and attend our meetings. Going forward, we will ensure that our meetings are adequately advertised, giving everyone ample time to prepare and attend. Our meetings will be open to everyone who wants to participate onto the many projects that are going on within the Wellness Community of Swellendam. We can all be members of the forum, no matter how old or young you are.

As enthusiasts for wellness in our community, we are optimistic about the level of support we will receive from those who are in a position to contribute. We aspire to a Swellendam community that is defined by peace and harmony, and that can thrive despite any challenges.

Let us come together and make it happen

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