Cross the Line

Cross the Line

Carnival Time

Approximately 2,500 people visited the Community Carnival in Railton over a 3 day period. 23 stalls providing delicious food, cakes, toys, clothes, novelties, costume jewellery, face painting, games and many more.
Upside down world
The Railton Foundation and Bontebok Primary School organised the carnival in partnership and the aim of the school was to raise funds for the débutante ball later this year. The aim of the Foundation was to raise funds that will be ploughed back in its community projects and they hope that most of the expenses will be covered by sponsorships next year.
The excellent support provided by all stakeholders and the community was really appreciated.

​A message to those on the north side of the Railway Line from Rob Hazell

“When I left the SPCA Railton clinic late on Friday evening,  the Community Carnival at the Primary School grounds was in full swing. Swing is the operative word. Kids were being swung around on chairs on the end of chains at high speed.

High Speed Chairs

Well to an old man, it looked like high speed. The music from the loudspeakers and the laughter of the happy children was a joy to hear. I had to be home to cook supper so I passed them by; however on Saturday, when I had to do a couple of post mortem examinations at the clinic, [Rob is a semi-retired vet] I decided to pop in on the way home. I would have blended in more if I had a better tan! I think I was the only visitor from ‘across the line’.

The Railton folk always support us, why do we not support them?

Soon after the function ended, Vanessa Hulley Pfotenhauer, who works with the Railton Foundation, posted more than thirty fantastic photos on Facebook.  (Some of which are posted on this page) If you saw them, you would agree with me, this was a happy occasion, but where was our support? Yes, it was in Railton, but Railton people support our functions on this side of the railway, so surely we should return the compliment?

The Railton Foundation is an NPO promoting education, healthcare, sport, youth development, community welfare and reconciliation in Swellendam in partnership with other community bodies, thus the cooperative with the primary school. They say “FROM THE COMMUNITY, WITH THE COMMUNITY”


Next year ….  I challenge you …… be part of the fun.”

Article by Rob Hazell

Photos by Vanessa Hulley Pfotenhauer

Railton Foundation Facebook

Railton Foundation Website



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