Deafblind SA Western Cape will be speaking at Bokmakiri Books on March 14th at 2:00 pm


1. Introduction in what deafblindness is

2. A “conversation” with a deafblind person

3. The actor Vim Vorster will do a short sketch 

Deafblind South Africa was established on 26th July 1996 exclusively for the Deafblind community of South Africa.


To empower National Deafblind Associations and to be the unifying voice of Deafblind persons in South Africa which will ensure that Deafblind people are recognised as persons with dignity, equal rights and opportunities.

In collaboration with Western Cape Department of Social Development, Deafblind SA Western Cape therefore endeavor to create more awareness on Deafblindness;, the challenges faced by the Deafblind community and to develop more understanding in society of what a Deafblind person is all about.

To achieve this goal of a society that is fully inclusive and accessible to the Deafblind community of South Africa the organisation is visiting local communities, so that more can be learned about Deafblind people/

Please contact ny of the following e mail addresses or phone numbers to find out more

E mail:         – (Deafblind SA Western Cape Chairperson)

                  – (General Support Official)

         – (Awareness Officer)

                   – (National Office Administrator)

                                                                                (Marlizé van Vuuren)

Phone:   082 772 0132       – Jan Oberholzer  (Awareness Officer)

                 072 478 2547       – Ryno Eksteen   (General Support Official)

                 082 833 3281       – Johan Pretorius (Deafblind SA Western Cape Chairperson)

                 082 688 5344      –  Marlizé van Vuuren ( National Office Administrator)

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