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Dr. Willie Bester - Extraordinary Artist

  • Posted 10 months ago
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On Sunday, Dr Willie Bester, visited Swellendam with his wife Evelyn. They came to see the space where his artworks will be exhibited at Anami, a new gallery which will be opening at the Drostdy Museum on October 1st 2023.

Dr Willie Bester is a globally acclaimed artist who has received many prestigious awards, including the Order of the Disa from the South African Government and an honorary doctorate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His artworks are part of the South African school curriculum and are displayed in many important collections around the world, such as the Smithsonian Institute. He uses recycled materials to create paintings, sculptures and assemblages that challenge political, social and economic oppression. He is a visionary artist who creates powerful and provocative artworks that challenge us to confront the injustices in our society and to strive for a better future.

We were privileged to spend time with this fascinating and charming couple, who were as excited about the space as Alice Mfundisi (originator, collector and curator of the gallery) is to be featuring Dr Willie’s work.

Dr Willie Bester’s art will be featured amongst other significant artists such as Zwelakhe Ngobese, Dr. Sally Myburgh, Sarah Walmsley, Tay Dall, Anathi Tyawa, Janko de Beer, Marco Olivier, Rudoph Bitzer, Lorraine Piers, and Grady Tomlinson Zeeman

Swellengram will run a regular feature on each of the artists – but rather than read about them, visit the Gallery to experience the full impact of their works.  

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