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(In Association with Automation Works)

*100% internship and employment opportunities for accomplished students

Employment of mechatronics and robotics students is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth is expected because of the broad range of industries in which mechatronics technicians can apply their knowledge in developing and applying emerging technologies. Education is project-based and students build design prototypes of their choice to show their proficiency. We have 3-D printers and a Laser cutter to assist in the creation of these projects.

New Cloud Academy was established in 2016 to provide engineering education for people of all ages who are interested in careers in mechatronics and automation. With the motto ‘Building for the Future’, the academy provides guidance and insight to students who are unsure of which stream of engineering they would like to follow. NCA expose them to ‘trial runs’ of Mechanical Design (SolidWorks), Electronics (Arduino), Strengths of Materials, Robotics, Mechatronics and related fields of interest.

‘GAP’-year courses with value

All our GAP-year students that decided that they are interested in some area of automation are employed. Since we started in 2016, 100% of our students are working in some or other industry. Depending on the job you seek, a batch of skills can be referred to as a skill set or hybrid skills, as these skills often go together within a specific profession or industry. With the knowledge and practical experience students gain at NCA, their knowledge can be seen as hybrid skills, which make them employable in a wide variety of industries. Our courses has a 50|50 balance between theoretical and practical exposure. This enables former students to ‘hit the ground running’ when they start formal employment.

  • Where are we situated?

Oaktree Transport Business Park, Buffeljagsrivier, Swellendam

  • Who are our students?
    • Anyone who is unsure of what direction to study in engineering
    • Anyone who wants a change in career
  • Can I study remotely?
    • Some courses can be studied remotely, but courses that requires practical work are full time.
  • Do I get a qualification?
    • You get International Certifications for individual modules – Siemens/ CISCO/ Solidworks etc.
  • Can I get an internship?
    • Deserving students (students that show promise and interest in automation) are offered internships.
  • Can I get a job?
    • We have a wide network of Industry Partners that are frequently asking for students trained by us.
  • 2022 Academic Year Registration
    • We can only accommodate 20 students for 2022 due to current COVID-19 regulations
    • Apply now for 2022.
  • Academic Plans for 2022
    • We aim to have our SAQUA registered Certificate in Mechatronics available in 2022.
  • Bursaries
    • Please enquire with us


            Various options – TBA.

NCA Information

 New Cloud Academy – Your Path to Future Employment

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John Whybrow

John Whybrow

I am a retired engineer with more than 50 years experience in capital engineering projects in various parts of the world. I am a Chartered Engineer (UK) and a Professional Engineer (Retd) in RSA. Is my experience of any use to your organisation to help your students understand how an engineer’s mind works?

JC van der Merwe

JC van der Merwe

Can you please supply us with your email address?

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