Nude Photography
December 10, 2020 all-day
Tradouws Pass
Anton Robert

Here Is our latest Workshop that will be held by Anton Robert at the very start of the Festival, Anton has been a friend and fellow photographer for around 20 years shooting Fashion and beautiful images of women and has a wealth of experience in the field,
Come spend a Day with Anton and the models in the Tradouw pass creating beautiful figure studies in the waterfalls and on the rocks and rockpools, At this workshop, we would encourage you to shoot on Analog; we have a range of Cameras from 4×5 .6×6 and 35mm to choose from,we shall help you learn to shoot on Analog and process your film , make a contact sheet and print a few of you images all in one day, We will also allow digital cameras on this workshop but would encourage you to shoot at least one role of B+W NEG FILM in keeping with the Festival Policy.
Please call Anton 0834571979 to chat about the workshop and make a reservation,

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