Miss Ruby Presents: Her Blues Trio

Doors open 19h00
Show starts 19h30
R150 per person
Tickets available from Moira-Ann Seal Odendaal
Cell: 082 448 8166

Her Blues featuring Luna Paige, Simon Orange and Ben Badenhorst.

In Her Blues Luna Paige shares her affinity for the ladies in this genre by performing some of the most famous songs and sharing anecdotes about the women who sang them.

Luna takes the audience on a journey from as early as the 1920’s where the Blues found its roots in the cotton fields and the church. She ventures into the raunchy Gin bars where naughty blues was prevalent, and singers weren’t scared to push boundaries and break ties with traditional perceptions on womanhood. Songs like “Don’t you feel my leg” by Blu Lu Baker and “If I can’t sell it!” by Ruth Brown comes to mind. Famous Blues and Jazz-influenced tunes by singers such as Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Aretha Franklin can be enjoyed while time traveling through the twenties right up to the fifties and early 60’s when females became lead singers and managers for all-male big bands.

Paige, Orange and Badenhorst transport blues lovers into the deep 60s’ where social and political activists such as Nina Simone made an impact on the blues and jazz scenes and wrote songs about social issues. One cannot forget about the ground-breaking Janis Joplin! Blues-rock fans can also look forward to songs by modern singer-songwriters who were all influenced by the legendary blues women from the past. Songs by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Melody Gardot, Beth Hart and Amy Winehouse can be expected.