Railton Foundation is a public, not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide in partnership with other community structures support regarding the promotion of education, health care, sport, youth development, community welfare and reconciliation in the Swellendam Municipal Area.
What is so special and effective about this organisation is that its aims are pursued with consideration to the fact that the poorest inhabitants are often those most in need of assistance, and are best informed of possible solutions to their problems. A great deal of research was undertaken before the structure was established. Much of this research took the form of listening to and recording the oral history of the inhabitants in more deprived circumstances, so that answers to some of the problems were actively drawn from the community.
The Railton Foundation Swellendam aims to, where possible and necessary, stimulate, support and undertake skills development, community development, social outreach and crime prevention through actively implementing projects in the Swellendam area.
Projects include:
Sport Development, Learner Education Support, Holiday Programmes, Community Gardens and food security, Community Social Evenings, Arts & Culture Development, Guided local tours and many more.
Have a look at their website to find out more: www.railtonfoundation.co.za or call 062 101 7812


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