General Cleaner


General Cleaner Southern Oil Pty Ltd, an established company and market leader in the manufacturing of Canola oil and related products in the retail, food services and bulk sectors, have the following exciting career opportunity in Swellendam. Short Summary:   This position is responsible for the general cleaning of the offices on the grounds, bathrooms, canteens, board rooms, laboratory, building entrances as well as laundry and adhoc responsibilities.  Responsibilities: Cleaners are required to undertake the following duties as directed by the QA Practitioner, using the schedules and frequencies in line with the requirements of the cleaning specification.

•             General cleaning of offices and building entrances according to schedule

•             Emptying waste bins in offices, working areas and/or building entrances

•             To clean toilets, urinals, hand basins, sinks and showers

•             To dust, damp wipe, wash or polish furniture, ledges, window sills, external surfaces of cupboards and/or shelves

•             To undertake wall washing and inside window pane cleaning to a height no greater than body height plus an arm’s extension from floor level

•             Wiping down walls, doors and wall hangings using appropriate types of cleaning chemicals and cloths

 •            Washing of ground floor windows

•             Cleaning of canteens and board rooms

 •            Cleaning general Laboratory area, cupboards and glass walls

 •            To refill hand towels, soap dispensers and toilet paper in bathrooms/areas on a regular basis

•             To assist with distributing of sugar and milk to non-office staff when applicable

 •            To use chemical agents as directed by the label, in the discharge of cleaning operations, receiving proper instructions and training

•             Preparing tea and coffee for visitors/auditors on request

 •            To carry out any other reasonable duties within the overall function of the job

•             To ensure lights of office buildings are switched off and windows are closed at the end of the working day •                Washing and drying of bottling PPE

•             To follow company, food safety, health and safety regulations and rules

 •            To stand in for team members in case of absenteeism

 •            To ensure continuous improvement Key Competencies: Education and skills

•             Grade 12

 •            Proficient in Afrikaans or English  Interpersonal skills

•             Good timekeeping

 •            Positive attitude

 •            Good Personal Hygiene

  •           Be disciplined and reliable

 •            Accountable

 •            Initiative

We invite candidates to forward their comprehensive CV’s to the Human Resources Department  via  e-mail at  or  hand  deliver  by  no  later  than Wednesday, 17 April 2019.


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