Goats need Home

Aaron from Pronkertjie Street in Railton inherited a small herd of goats from his father. He grew up with them. Lately the authorities started pushing for him to move the goats from the residential area where he kept the goats in his back yard. He received fines. He needed land.
Adult female goat, Saanen/cross, producing 1.5l of milk a day

The goats were moved to private land a short distance from town. Aaron could not visit and assist with keeping the goats. The fencing on the land turned out to be insufficient to contain them. The goats need to go.

Where to now? The authorities are pushing for the abattoir. We have tried to sell off the goats to friends and family. People we know and trust to give them good homes. Yet we still have some animals left and are now asking the broad public to either take over the flock in partnership with Aaron or buy the animals. Keep in mind they are flock animals and should be kept in small groups to be happy.

Natural control of alien vegetation

Goats love shrubs and trees. This makes them ideal to control invasive weeds like American bramble and Australian wattle. If you have a patch infested with bramble simply leave the goats there and see your problem disappear in front of your eyes. Short wattle stands they will happily tackle and also the re-sprouting shoots. Tall trees can be cut for them to defoliate. As they select different feed they can be used with cattle and sheep. Goats are very smart and this sometimes creates a challenge to contain them.

Adult female goat, two @ R1500
Five month female kid, five @ R650
Five month male kid, one @ R650

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Adult female goat


Female Kid


Aaron Voice call +27 78 788 8386 or WhatsApp
Beneke +27 72 154 7050 WhatsApp message only
Beneke e-mail beneke@bdw.co.za



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