Join the Swellendam Idea Factory

Join the Swellendam Idea Factory


If you ever find yourself starting sentences like that – then this page is for you! People who have ideas about all things Swellendam and would like to share them! Ideas for recycling, for young people, for tourism, for events, for activities, for community, for problem solving. If you like to complain, please don’t join this group! (Note: this is not just for commercial or business ideas)

You can join the group and follow the discussions and responses to the ideas below by clicking here  

Wouldn’t it be great if we can have a database of people willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others? And while we are at it, maybe a database of people interested in certain skills or topics? (Aldo P)

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a foreign exchange office / agent in Swellendam? What a pity that none of the banks in town offer this vital service for our tourists.
There used to be a small office- Inter-Africa? – in Swellengrebel Street, but it closed, regretfully (Wilma van J)

Wouldn’t it be great if all Swellendam businesses had an online presence so we could find them? (Michelle E)

Wouldn’t it be great if Swellendam had a type of ‘big brother / big sister’ mentorship for our pre-teens to young adults? Daneel J)

Wouldn’t it be great to actively recycle in Swellendam. If you know of a drop off point or collector, please advise so all of us can participate. (Vicky H)

Wouldn’t it be great to provide more facilities for children. I can think of kite flying competitions (we have plenty of wind); go-cart races (we are not short of hills); water activities (Buffelyachts (sp?) Dam). If the intent is to provide these facilities for children we will need to focus on low-cost activities or seek sponsorship.
Above all, we need to ask the children what they want as opposed to others telling them what they want. (Terrence A)

Wouldn’t it be great if we can have a database of people willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others? And while we are at it, maybe a database of people interested in certain skills or topics? (Aldo P)

Wouldn’t it be great if like-minded people could get together, in SWELLENDAM, as a decent SABT choir, to sing choral music? (Diane BL)

Wouldn’t it be great if the station could be turned into something. It’s awful to see the state it is in and to watch daily as it gets carried away piece by piece. (Sonja D)

Wouldn’t it be great if Swellendam had a “Hospitality College” (FET, paid for by Dept Higher Ed?) for the development of people with professional qualifications in the Hospitality/Tourism sector. These 2 sectors can create jobs and need professionalism for sustainability…Training and qualifications for “Guest house Manager”, “Restaurant Manager” etc, maybe built on shorter courses for bar tenders, front of house/reception, waitrons. Also tour guiding entrepreneurship etc (Allied to this could be an Agriculture College, to develop potential farmers, farm managers, market gardening…) (John P)

Wouldn’t it be great if the wall separating Railton from the main town, by the Station, built and belonging to Transnet I am led to believe. This huge unattractive Grey expanse could be a beautiful piece of public art and a community building project. The wall is a blank canvas, waiting for a story to be told.
The story could unfold in a sequential way either from right to left or left to right. Episodic in style with both generic and specific moments in the history of the area, and bound together with endemic natural and geological features.
For example:
Pre human (wild animals indigenous to thearea) / Khoi stories (including Lang Elsie) / Trekboers (Ox wagons etc – show trading activity) / Development of trade etc /Building of Tradouws Pass /Sugar Bridge / Story of the Kadie / Malgas Pont / The Rebellion of the Burghers / Republic /Building of the Church /The Bus Crash /Interpersed with unique features (brandy berries bonteboks ) / The Double Century etc etc It should be created by local artists who take responsibility for a section and involve community members from all over. See MORE here  …  (Amanda S)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to benefit more from all the traffic along the N2 that currently by passes Swellendam. A place with stalls for all the great products (fruit, veggies, crafts) from Swellendam as well as food and fuel….(John P)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a recycling “Swop Shop” for kids like these two projects Fresh Start, Sedgefield and Swop Shop Knysna and (Amanda S)

Wouldn’t it be lovely if… we embraced the newcomers, their ideas and passions and helped them get right what has failed before? (Kathy D)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we harnessed our leiwater system to a campaign promoting gardening and food security? How might we share this wonderful resource of raw water more broadly around the town and up the hill to Railton? (Kathy D)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place for young people to hang out. How about we start our own outdoor braai and music venue in Swellendam. (Graham M)

Wouldn’t it be great  if there could be a combination of a skate park/family park. It’s simple to build and we know a lot of people in the industry that could help us with sponsorship ect… We would only require a sensible area that is accessible, safe and central  (Nina J)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a play park like Struisbaai has, with putt putt, water fountain, trampoline, jungle gym and picnic shaded areas. They have a restaurant attached. A swimming pool would be fantastic but given the water issues, unlikely. But attempt to keep the residents and holiday makers here in town rather than dashing off to spend their time and money elsewhere. Have an entrance fee to make it pay for itself. (Phillipa E)

Wouldn’t it be great if the traffic cops who are SO vigilant in Swellendam made a point of being ambassadors for Swellendam. They could have a leaflet which, on one side explains the road rules in SA which are not common overseas. (4 way stops, parking facing the way you are going, stopping where it says STOP on the road etc) On the other side of the flyer, welcome to Swellendam and some ideas of what to do and where to eat. (Amanda S)

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who stops for petrol gets a welcoming leaflet and a little bottle of Swellendam water with our label on it with contact details and website, facebook, instagram etc. if not too expensive (Cathy H v E)

Wouldn’t it be great if ….we had TOURISM SWELLENDAM AMBASSADORS
People who interact ‘on the front line’ with tourists and visitors – petrol pump attendants, shop assistants, waitrons, bank tellers could volunteer, or be recommended by their employers to undertake a short course consisting of
Local Knowledge (directions, activities, shops, emergency services etc)
Customer relationships
At the end of the course they would be given a practical test. (Could involve ‘secret shoppers’)
Those that pass would be awarded a badge at a ceremony:
“Swellendam Ambasssador” – (Ask a Local)
and a monetary prize.
They would wear their badges all times they are interacting with the public, and bring great credit to themselves and the town. (Amanda S)

Wouldn’t it be great if all the fractures in the Swellendam community could be healed so that we could have one community? (John P)

Would it not be great if we had an idea pipe line that can be investigated further with a stage-gate system, so that the attractiveness and feasibility can be measured and success of the implementation can be guaranteed…  In order to get as many ideas as possible, reward the idea of the month… (Renate A)

Wouldn’t be great if Swellendam became THE place to run an online business. That fibre was installed, accessible to all (at a cost) as well as free wifi hot spots. And that it attracts families to Swellendam to open their on line business, bringing kids for schools, keeps millennials here – economic development from a low impact activity. A downside is potentially low job creation….(John P)

Wouldn’t it be great if Swellendam developed as a sustainable, ecologically “sound” town? One first step (and there are many others!) would be to set up an effective recycling system to reduce littering, minimise more dumps, create compost from organic waste and make money for some? I am aware of the challenges – they are there to be overcome!(John P)

Wouldn’t it be great if all ideas generated here received only positive comments (Yellow hat thinking: what’s good, why it will work) and NOT black hat thinking (What’s wrong with it, why it won’t work). Positive responses generate growth; negative responses kill ideas and initiative! (John P)

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