Evelynn Jorge established E Jorge Attorneys and Conveyancers in April 2018.

Evelynn Jorge was admitted as an Advocate in 2010 practiced as an Advocate in Johannesburg specializing in various fields of the law. During 2012 she relocated to Swellendam where she decided to become an attorney and completed her articles and was subsequently admitted as an attorney in 2014 and as a conveyancer in 2017.

E Jorge Attorneys is a boutique law firm that specializes in the following fields of law:

Bail applications
Criminal litigation
Civil Litigation
Labor Law
Family Law
Deceased Estates
Commercial Law

E Jorge Attorneys strives to provide the best professional advice and legal assistance to all our clients.  E Jorge attorneys continually engage in seminars to ensure that we are up to date with all new and current legislation therefore providing our clients with the best possible legal assistance.



Lynnie Jorge: Attorney and Conveyancer

Article from The Gram Magazine 2018

“Dream big and dare to fail”

Though Lynnie was born and bred in Johannesburg, her family roots were in Swellendam where her grandfather, the late Dr Tolmie, practiced medicine and where her mother grew up. On a visit to her grandfather in 2010, Lynnie fell in love with the town, and shortly after moved here – and then fell in love with her now husband, Carlo Jorge: “love of my life and my partner in crime who always supports me and pushes me to go further”

Lynnie has recently established her own legal practice – she is a torch-bearer for young women who plan to succeed on their own merits through sheer hard work and determination.

At the age of four, despite her tears and trepidation after falling from her pony, her father forced her to re-mount and ride, which she did, and that childhood memory has stayed with her as a lesson: even if you fall – it is important to just get back up. Her grandfather had a mantra by which he lived and which he instilled in her: “Knowledge is power, anything can be taken from you but knowledge; it’s the one thing that you will always retain”

In common with all the young women featured in the magazine, Lynnie never saw being a female as disadvantageous.  “Women can do all things that men can do – if not better. Except for man flu, we struggle with that one”. Lynnie took mercantile law as an extra subject at school and loved it- she found it so interesting that she didn’t need to study as hard as with other subjects, and spent her vacations working with the family lawyer.

The rewards she finds in her work come though helping people and solving problems. She says that law is an ever-changing issue – but as she enjoys learning new things, this is part of the attraction of the role.  The glamorous concept of sealing deals and courtroom dramas is not part of her daily life – on the contrary, it’s paper work, research, more paperwork, more research – and only then is it time for court. She has a special goal – she wants to help someone less fortunate who has the ability but lacks the means to study law to become successful and achieve more than their expectations.

Lynnie is highly competitive and ambitious, she wants to be at the top of her field. “If ambitions are easy to achieve it would not mean anything. Those ambitions, which take hard work, long hours, extra effort, those are the ones that matter”.


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  • Property Sales and Rentals


19 Voortrek St, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa