The Hand Printing Studio produces hand printed fabric and presents printing workshops.


At The Hand Printing Studio we create unique, once-off, hand-made products characterised by individuality, quality and style – a refreshing alternative to the mass-produced items that clutter an already over-stocked market.
The designs are printed by hand in very short runs on 100 % cotton either by lino print or by silk screening or both. Embroidery with normal knitting and crochet yarn is occasionally added to enhance the design and enrich the product with texture and to add extra detail.
The finished products include cushion covers, dish cloths, tablecloths, scarves and blankets – the latter much the same as the covered blankets of yesteryear.
The studio prints fabric per meter length on order and accepts commissions and can be briefed for bespoke designs.

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The exploratory quality of the hand printing process guarantees a fun creative experience.
Two-day workshops provide individuals with the opportunity to learn either the silkscreen or lino printing techniques and to design and print their own pieces of fabric. These courses are aimed at those who would like to work independently afterwards. Training in the preparation and exposure of photographic silk screens is also available.
Short 4-hour programmes guide participants to complete their own fabric for products which may include cushion covers, dish cloths and scarves.
Classes in hand printing on paper are presented on request.
All courses are hands-on and presented in either Afrikaans or English.


  • Arts, Crafts and Music
  • Fabric Design and Craft
  • Gifts and Souvenirs


2 River Lane, Swellendam