Freshly picked Fruit and Veggies

THE VEGGIE BOX is located behind the Old Gaol restaurant, right here in Swellendam.
We stock a whole array of yummy goodness that we source from local small scale farmers and producers!
From Fresh Veggies, Herbs, Fruit to Biodegradable plastic for your home, to Vegetarian friendly cheeses, Yoghurt, Vegan frozen meals, Grains, Legumes, Seeds, Dried fruit, Honey. Jams etc
We try to the best of our ability to start with preservative Free, Colourant free, Organic, Biologically grown!
We truly know our source and everything is labelled correctly so that you know what you are buying!
We also stock a lot of our product in glass containers, which we weigh for you as we are trying to reduce our plastic footprint and am working with the farmers to switch over to biodegradable plastic for the veggies that needs to be wrapped, otherwise we choose to not have packaging
We also have a variety of children’s wooden toys, Natural deodorants, herbal teas and so much more!!
Pop in! We would love to meet you!
PS. You are welcome to send me your number if you are interested in receiving a Veggie Box delivery
PPS We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over the years! Thank you!! We are evolving in to something more….watch this space


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