Fantastic reductions on wine as we reduce our selection – the lines we are no longer going to stock will be sold at 30% discount!

More than 60 lines
Wines and some selected spirits will be way below cellar prices.
Being sold according to lockdown rules between 9 and 5. Monday to Fridays

Current Price Discounted Price
Chenin Blanc 85 59,5
Sauvignon Blanc 129 90,3
Sauvignon Blanc 155 108,5
First Sighting Pinot Noir 115 80,5
The Navigator 215 150,5
Stonecross Sauvignon Blanc 75 52,5
Ritmes Chenin Blanc 55 38,5
Pinotage 175 122,5
Sauvignon Blanc 69 48,3
Stonecross Cabernet 82 57,4
Stonecross Malbec 82 57,4
Stonecross Chardonnay 75 52,5
Caitlyn Rose 59 41,3
Viognier 59 41,3
Chardonnay 59 41,3
Pinotage Reserve 145 101,5
The Game Reserve Pinotage 105 73,5
Shiraz Reserve 145 101,5
Cabernet/Merlot 65 45,5
Non Alcholic Sparkling Wine 79 55,3
Cape Blend 175 122,5
The Game Reserve Cabernet 105 73,5
Pinotage Rose 55 38,5
The Game Reserve Chardonnay 79 55,3
De Krans
Cape Pink Ruby Port 90 63
Touriga Nacional 129 90,3
Muscat de Frontignan 105 73,5
McC 215 150,5
Stertswaai 135 94,5
Kat met die hout been 165 115,5
Chardonnay 155 108,5
Place of Rocks Chardonnay 185 129,5
Sparkling grape juice 75 52,5
Bedrock Black Syrah 245 171,5
Bon Courage
Pinotage 105 73,5
Cape Vintage 95 66,5
Like Father Like Son Cab/Merlot 50 35
Blush Vin Doux 82 57,4
Chardonnay 70 49
Peppertree Shiraz 115 80,5
Shiraz 92 64,4
VLW Shiraz 235 164,5
Muscat 120 84
Chardonnay 120 84
Joubert Tradauw
R62 168 117,6
Syrah 169 118,3
Black Oystercatcher
Triton 169 118,3
De Wetshof
Naissance Cabernet Sauvignon 185 129,5
Finesse Chardonnay 149 104,3
NC Pinot Noir 235 164,5
Sauvignon Blanc 89 62,3
Chardonnay 99 69,3
McC 135 94,5
Ruby Rush 109 76,3
McC 199 139,3
Cape Blend 92 64,4
White 245 171,5
Solara Organic Sauvignon Blanc 145 101,5
Solara Organic Pinotage 145 101,5
De Vry Distillery
Rooinek Gin 545 381,5
Rasta Rum 495 346,5
Groot Kommunis Vodka 379 265,3
Boereraad Brandy 305 213,5
Prosecco DOC 269 188,3
Bottega Prosecco 225 157,5
Sauvignon Blanc 89 62,3
Old Packhouse
Crystal Gin 615 430,5
Blueberry Gin 615 430,5
Natures Own
Vale Fynbos Infused Gin 355 248,5
Vale Cucumber Infused Gin 355 248,5




We at Tredici always pride ourselves to be on top of cleanliness and to deliver the best possible experience we can. With the prevention of spreading the Corona virus (COVID-19), we will take extra precaution to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. This is our number 1 priority.

The following have  been implemented (although most of it was already part of our  routine):

1. Signage displayed everywhere in and around our restaurant with the World Health Organization’s requirements on how to keep everyone safe in not spreading the virus including hand washing etc.
2. Soap/Sanitisers are made available everywhere near basins in our restaurants for clients and staff use. Staff washes and sanitise their hands on a frequent basis (every 10 to 15 minutes) to keep it clean and free from germs.
3. Facial tissues will be available in all areas for your convenience. If you want to sneeze or cough in it to be disposed of immediately.
4. Staff who handles food will wear protective gloves when handling food.
5. All surfaces are cleaned with a high alcohol content detergent including work surfaces and tables and chairs throughout the restaurant. Additional cleaning routines are being introduced more frequently.
6. All our staff are trained in what is expected to be done to stay safe.
7. Any staff that might show signs of the virus, will be helped to follow the correct procedure to get tested and the necessary steps to be taken.

Therefore it might take a little bit longer to deliver the service, but we will do everything in our power to make sure you dine in the safest possible environment and that all necessary precautions has been taken to try and safeguard anyone from spreading the virus any further. We hope that you will dine with us

Kind regards
The Tredici Team


Tredici is the Italian way of saying Baker’s Dozen – a belief dating back to the 13th century. Way back then bakers would illustrate their honesty by always offering their customers more than the law required, and never less. So, instead of 12 loaves in a dozen, customers would receive 13, and when purchasing only 12 measures, 13 would be given. It is this commitment to always offer more than you’d expect, that inspires everything we do here at Tredici.

The story of Tredici is the story of sumptuous simplicity. A story reflecting the philosophy of more is better – whilst still striking a balance with homely, artisan baking, where produce is fresh, local and prepared with passion.

From the moment you walk through our imposing 4-meter high doors, to the minute you savour one of our delectable dishes, you will experience sumptuous simplicity.

It is reflected in our architecture and interior, inspired by local Cape Dutch elements and combined with the best of chic French and warm Italian styles to create the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy our freshly prepared, handmade delicacies.

Sumptuous simplicity is also evident in our menu – from quick bites prepared with love and attention, to a delicatessen stocked with baked goods that took as long as 36 hours to prepare, to our restaurant offering the best European cuisine personalized with African flair.

So whether you stop off to stretch your legs and stock up on delicious padkos for your onward journey, join us for dinner with friends or book our venue for your special occasion or conference, you can be sure to experience the Tredici way of life, where generosity is guaranteed and smiles are genuine.


68 Somerset St, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa

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