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MASBIEKERS VALLEY- Working together

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The valley at the back of the old VF park was overgrown and neglected, thick with invasive bluegums and black wattles. Clearing paths and planting trees we’re trying to regenerate not just the woods but the community too. Its a community project that aims to bring together residents, schools and visitors to our beautiful town. Its more than that too though because we want it to be an environmental sculpture park too. An art space that uses only what we find and only what will return to the earth. The first ‘artwork’ is the 2km path that winds through the valley allowing exploration and immersion. The Masbieker’s Valley Project is the start of an indigenous green belt in the heart of Swellendam, a place of beauty for everyone


Recently a vehicle attempted to drive up the single track from the southern (Buitenkant Street) entrance to Masbiekers Valley. On the way it destroyed indigenous plants. When it could get no further, it seems a fire was lit. Very luckily the fire did not spread.

The remains of the fire

To prevent this happening again, the Friends of Masbiekers Valley decided to erect bollards to stop vehicles attempting to enter.

The Swellendam Municipality provided the services of Johannes and Asanda to dig the holes. Johan van Niekerk supplied poles, John Paisley provided steel poles (to prevent a chain saw cutting through) and concrete, and Helen and Danie Crous supervised.

Helen Crous in action, starting a hole for bollards
Johannes and Asanda dig the holes for the poles. Concrete waiting to be mixed
Emma inspects the work. Two bollards installed by Johannes and Asanda. The large poles surround a steel pole which will prevent a chain saw cutting the wood poles

 There are now 4 bollards across the path – people and their dogs can enter, but not vehicles!

The 4 bollards effectively prevent a vehicle following the path into Masbiekers Valley

There is a renewed interest in continuing the work that Andrew Hofmeyer started – rehabilitating Masbiekers and creating a green park for exercise, dog walks, recreation and art.

The Friends of Masbiekers Valley is a very informal group formed to coordinate activities. For more info, phone or WhatsApp John on 084 412 2847

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