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May your dreams be larger than mountains

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And may you have the courage to scale their summits

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If you have been lucky enough to meet Monwabisi. you will know immediately that you are interacting with a very special human being, This amazing man is completely blind – but he has never let the challenges of his lack of vision prevent him from doing anything.

His dream is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2023 – come on Swellendam – lets get behind one of our own!

Amanda Shackley

Monwabisi Mtyanga

Standard Bank




Call Monwabisi on 078 340 9869 / 078 755 8056 to ask him questions

I met Monwabisi yesterday and we had a lovely conversation… He is such an inspiration and so passionate about realising his dream. Any support will be greatly appreciated

Yanou Ceulaers Olderwagen
Swellendam Tourism

I post this on behalf of Monwabisi Junior Mtyanga to ask you for support in realising his dream. Monwabisi is a disabled BLIND man who is passionate about climbing mountains.

He does not allow his disability to stand in whatever he wants to achieve. He has climbed Table Mountain and he was successful. He is now set to participate in climbing Mountain (Kilimanjaro) in the 2023 summit but he needs financial assistance in realising his dream…Please share this post in your groups and social networks to make it viral.

Odwa Mnisi
Swellendam Tourism
Swellendam Tourism

Swellendam Tourism

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