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What an opportunity…. Milton Schorr is and award-winning writer with credits spanning theatre, TV, travel and film, and an actor with appearances in several Hollywood and local productions The evening will include: A signed copy of Strange Fish, as well as the audiobook courtesy of BiB Africa. Pizza with Meraai A discussion on the nuts …


Legends of Swellendam Series

M.E.R. regarded her mother as the first feminist she knew. When her mother sent her daughters to university she was asked whether she did that so that they could get husbands, to which her mother responded: “No, I send them so that they can live without husbands, if they so prefer.”


Don’t feed the children

UPDATE JANUARY 2022 from Gerhard Swanepoel Na aanleiding van plasing op FB, op Social Media, oor seksuele teistering en wangedrag onder ons straatkinders hier in Swellendam het eke as volg daarop gereageer: As charity begins at home so does safety too… This type of behaviour of these children@risk are definitely due to – 1) Lack …

Swellendam Shack Theatre

And, if it is possible – even more incredible was how Freek Oerson has made his dream manifest. To construct such a building in a matter of months, by getting support, both moral and material, for his endeavours through the sheer magnetism of his personality – never asking for money from anyone. It is impossible to resist this man – you get caught up in the dream and go with it. You know that he is going to achieve it and you want to be part of it and see him succeed. He is an extraordinary mixture of self-belief and humility.


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