Operator: Boiler


Southern Oil Pty Ltd, an established company and market leader in the manufacturing of Canola oil and related products in the retail, food services and bulk sectors, has the following exciting career opportunity in Swellendam.

Short Summary: 

The main responsibility of this position is to ensure per shift the effective operation of the boiler unit the water effluent plant and Soap splitting plant.


  • Effective operation of boilers, effluent and soap stock plant according operating procedures. This person will take responsibility of all equipment within his area of responsibility and will ensure effective operations during his shift period
  • Ensure samples are taken as required by process quality procedures and send to laboratory
  • Ensure plant instruments are continuously checked and calibrated
  • This person needs to consider changing condition in effluent and Soap splitting plant and effectively adjust process within parameters to ensure parameters are maintained within limits
  • Report all deviations to Bulk production manager on a continuous basis
  • Ensure all coal and chemicals required in process are available.  Deviations should be reported timeously to bulk production manager
  • This person will take lead of his small team per shift and will ensure they are utilized effectively at all times
  • Ensure daily log sheets, quality sheet, master cleaning schedules are kept up to date per shift
  • Report maintenance issues to bulk production manager and maintenance team. It will be required from this position to ensure the necessary support is available to maintenance team at all times when working on equipment
  • Expect to assist maintenance teams during plant shutdown periods with general task and will also ensure plant equipment are cleaned when available during downtimes
  • It will be expected of this position to assist maintenance department with autonomous maintenance tasks. (Autonomous Maintenance Definition: A maintenance strategy wherein machine adjustments and minor maintenance is performed by operators who are deemed to have unique knowledge about the equipment)
  • This position will be responsible for effective housekeeping of the area of responsibility including:
    • Correct cleaning equipment are available. Reporting of all default cleaning equipment to the bulk production manager
    • Performing cleaning tasks according correct procedure and work instruction
    • The correct type and amount of chemical is available and used to do the cleaning as prescribed in the work instruction
    • Safe handling of the cleaning chemicals used
    • All staff has the correct PPE to perform cleaning
  • Will be available for all training as required and scheduled by management
  • It will be expected from this person to assist the Bulk production manager to train all personnel regarding their operational functions, equipment operation, quality requirements, food and safety requirements
  • Will comply to safety, food safety, and environmental procedure and as per Soill Policy.  It can be expected from all employees to be appointed with certain responsibilities as required by OSH act, food safety regulations and Environmental regulations
  • Any other reasonable relevant task allocated by bulk production manager as required by plant operations.  It will be expected of this position to assist other plant operators during downtimes with tasks to ensure efficient downtime management

Key competencies:

Education and skills

  • Grade 12
  • Boiler operating certificate
  • Basic boiler maintenance certificate
  • Afrikaans and English speak, read and write
  • Forklift license


  • 2 years boiler operating


  • This position will be required to conform to medical requirements as per Soill policy
  • Must be prepared to work shifts as determined by operational requirements and shift roster for specific department and position.  Due to operational requirements these shifts will include work on public holidays unless stated otherwise.
  • It shall be required to stand in for other college’s in same position on shift system when on leave

Interpersonal skills

  • Proven track record of excellent leadership qualities
  • Proven track record of excellent work ethics
  • Proven track record of excellent time management
  • Proven track record of initiative and drive
  • Be disciplined and reliable
  • Must take ownership and accountability

We invite candidates to forward their comprehensive CV’s to the Human Resources Department via e-mail at careers@soill.co.za or  hand  deliver by no later than Thursday, 23 May 2019.


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