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Peter Henkal Book Launch

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at Bokmakiri Books

Friday May 26th

Peter HenKal lives by the axiom, Life is not a rehearsal; it’s the real thing, you only get one shot at it.

Born in the ruins of a war-torn Berlin, Germany in 1944, Peter immigrated to South Africa aged 20.

Over the next 28 years he had careers in steel construction, plastics, tyre, and concrete technologies. The fruits of these finally gave him the freedom to follow his lifelong passion as a chef and professional butler, which passion afforded him endless opportunities to work on four continents of the globe.

After he settled back in South Africa Peter, aged 75, turned to writing; sharing some of his memories – and, delving into the 21st century’s world of AI and robotics.

The Robotto Otto series:

For young adults

Robotto, Otto #1, A Robot Escapes

In this first book of the series, a highly intelligent Companion Robot tells the story of his escape from a factory and his adoption by a high-tech programmer and his family with an only child. Together, the robot and the young boy enter a whirlwind partnership in modern-day Tokyo, Japan, involving the latest developments in 3-D printing, drone technology, Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated batteries. Related in some respects to Peter HenKal’s first novel, Damian Graaf #1 – Akira the Enigma (also published by the Watermark Press), Robotto, Otto #1 is a high-spirited, adventure novel, suitable for both the young and the old.

Robotto, Otto #2, Ah-To Changes Bodies

Following on the first book of the Robotto, Otto series, A Robot Escapes (also published by the Watermark Press), Ah-to, the Companion Robot receives an upgraded body made from highly advanced, composite materials. Further trained in martial arts, and enhanced with technical upgrades, Ah-to helps to solve a case of random attacks in a shopping mall. Travelling deeper into the world of AI together, he and his living brother Kamin begin to discover their own identity.

A gripping sci-fi yarn for young and old alike.

Robotto, Otto #3: AH-TO and the Missing Amazonas Expedition

Continuing from the first two volumes, A Robot Escapes and Ah-to Changes Bodies (both published by the Watermark Press), the hyper-intelligent, android hero Ah-to is sent on a mission to find some missing scientists in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Using some of the latest equipment in telecommunications and some futuristic designs in water transportation, Ah-to is faced with a series of difficult challenges.

The Damian Graaf series

For older readers

AKIRA, THE ENIGMA, Damian Graaf #1

Damian Graaf is a visionary entrepreneur who can see future trends in engineering and technology and is able to bring different talents together in a fast-changing, global environment. Travelling to the edges of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), he finds himself in Japan, where he is about to embark upon a relationship with a new, specialist company. His quest is disrupted entirely, however, by a strangely attractive woman, whose outstanding beauty and high intelligence draws him into an even greater global adventure. But what does she want from him? He is not used to being out-guessed.  

(Unabridged : Adult content )


The Dark Heart Gateway is a space fiction involving characters from Peter Henkal’s Damian Graaf #1: Akira the Enigma.

After developing a new series of supersonic aircraft, Damian’s clone Graaf takes some Humanoid Test Pilots on a mission to a distant planet, where they discover a strange set of buildings.

Is it possible that a higher civilization exists in deep space?

(Unabridged: Adult content)

A Western Cape Romance

Turmoil in the Weaver’s Nest

Two sides of the story

After 32 years of marriage, Kent Fowler walks out on his wife, Carla. With alternating views of the two main players, the story unfolds as they go their separate ways. Each chapter reveals their private thoughts and observations, their actions, and reactions. As their new lives reach a climax, this romantic novel comes to a triumphant conclusion. (Unabridged)

The Autobiography Series

Surviving with the G.I. Blues

Post-war Berlin 1944-1964

A true-life memoir of growing up in the ruins of post-war Berlin, G.I. Blues describes a young boy who survives by grabbing the opportunities available to him, holding down as many as three jobs in a day. His adventures include: buying and selling cut flowers, starting a car-wash company at age 12, and partaking in harnessed horse racing, or trotting. Eventually, he emigrates to South Africa as a fully qualified artisan.

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