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Porcupine in the Storm Drain

Visitors to the Republic Restaurant were thrilled to have a close encounter with a porcupine this morning! (Saturday October 2nd)

The daughter of a visiting family spotted him about 11am this morning, and the family were instrumental in the rescue; the wife making the successful suggestion to use the backs of two chairs to lift him out.

Anthony Hunter brought Koos Kiewiets (from the Municipality) to cut down a branch which had fallen off.

Porcy was struggling to keep his (her?) footing in the stormwater drain.

The SPCA were called and Megan arrived to save the day and the porcupine.

Koos used a stick to gently coax Porky into Megan’s cage after he had been lifted out of the fast flowing stormwater drain. He had been there for quite some time as he seemed exhausted. Porcupines are nocturnal and it is rare to see one during daylight hours.

Thank you to Wonderwoman Megan – she was absolutely amazing, happily coming out in the rain, and all those involved in the rescue.

Safely in the Cage

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