Rooklip Nursery and Beleef

Rooklip Nursery and Beleef

ALOES: The magnificent range of Aloes of Heritage Aloes at Rooiklip Nursery is also accompanied by a diverse and stunning range of hybrid Aloes, (the Nursery, incidentally, has the sole breeding rights of these beauties in the Western Cape!)

Hybrid Aloes offer home gardeners and landscapers new, unique high performance, sustainable and water wise gardening options. They have spectacular flowers in a range of colours, dramatic foliage and architectural shapes that will complement any garden or landscaping design. These hybrid Aloes will leave natural plant populations undisturbed.

SUCCULENTS: Every variety and colour of succulent succulents under the sun can be found at Rooiklip Nursery. Ideal for home décor, as gifts for a special occasion or creative projects – the staff at the nursery offer all sorts of personal assistance to help ideas and projects become a reality.

Rooiklip Nursery is not only for human lovers of succulents, cycads and aloes but is a paradise for the many beautiful feathered visitors who are attracted to this little piece of Cape Floral Kingdom. Make sure to have a camera ready to capture their iridescence!


‘be*leef’; werkwoord: ondervinding, ervaring, wedervaring ……of net “Sit op die stoep met ‘n koppie boereporselein vol koffie en lees die koerant”!

Open:   Monday – Friday   08:00 – 17:00 Saturday   08:00 – 13:00

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