SOUL CIRCUS PRESENTS 21 Days Youth Empowerment Programme 

8-28th October 2019 From Survive to Thrive – Together 


If ever there was a time to brighten up hearts and minds and enthuse hope – it’s NOW! 

There is a growing understanding that socio-economic change will not come about without an empowered, educated society that collaborates with one another for the greater good. Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening our knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. Our programs are designed to swiftly build empowering environments and upskill our youth with lifeskills, to co-create innovative solutions and bright futures. 

Together we link local youth and global heroes of change (we call them Thrivors) – who work together and expand their thrive-abilities. This mentorship is set over 21 days (the ideal time to reprogram the mind into healthy practices). We activate thrive ways to help the youth from previously disadvantaged communities to achieve their dreams and be proactive, creative and committed in developing their futures. 

By building hope together, we can support South Africa and the whole world to be the change! Together we can drive peace-loving solutions for all to thrive 

Story: Circus of Unconditional Love (SOUL) A CARAVAN OF ACTIVE CITIZENS 

Imagine a group of active citizens, going on a grand journey across Africa, creating a series of 21 day events, and share with the world the truly African SOUL – Story of Unconditional Love. 

It’s a traveling Big Top circus tent – that pops up in communities for 21-day experiences – upskilling, edutaining and celebrating communities – as we highlight and support the local good-doers to achieve their dreams. Inspiring hope en-masse. 

21 Days (8-28th October 2019). Inside the Railton Community in Swellendam. A Big Top Circus Tent. A group of Active Citizens mixed with Previously Disadvantaged Youth working together. Local & global Good-Doers Mentoring & Coaching 

Each experience will be a space to uplift, self-express, share knowledge and up-skill local communities. We will be celebrating and honoring the stories of inspiring local leaders and their initiatives. Our goal is to support them to achieve their dreams, and ultimately #aMillionDreams. 

The 21 day immersive THRIVE experience in short: 

Youth to achieve their Dreams and nurture their Talents. Workshops & Skill Development. Education + Entertainment (Edu-tainment). Co-creation of many “Symbol of Hope” Artworks across Swellendam. A unifying experience for all Participants and the whole Community. A giant inspiring Showcasing of local Talents and Good-Doers to the Community with our “Greatest Show for Earth” finale. 

Sponsor Youth Participants 

Your CSI investment: R15.000 per Youth (3 week programme for youth) 

Please consider covering the cost of a few inspired hand-picked (previously disadvantaged youth) individuals, to supported them to be part of a wave of innovative, inspirational hope for all future generations of South Africa. We are looking to have all 35 youth sponsored. 

How it works: 

1.Identifying participants: We are receiving applications from previously disadvantaged youth through local schools, churches and municipalities and companies in the Overberg and greater Cape region.

2.CSI investment: We are inviting strategic partners, like you, to join us with this bold endeavor to support a generation of Youth to THRIVE, equipping themto be the innovative entrepreneurs of the future..

3. Giving bursaries: Once funding is secured, we will give full bursaries for the chosen youth to join us for the whole 21 day immersive THRIVE experience. 

The funding will cover their transport, all living expenses on the ground, training materials, workshops, all outreach and artistic activities for the community and having mentors and facilitators engaged with them for this 21 day experience. 

CSI Tax Certificate The Upliftment Programme ( was founded in 2003 to uplift our youth and is supporting SOUL Circus in it’s mission to co-create a unified and bright future for South Africa and the world. NPO (122-357 NPO) and PBO (930/018/482) 

Who We are: RYAN, NIKKI & TOTO 

Combined we have over 30 years of community engagement, care and upliftment as well as production, logistics and event experience. 

✓ Ryan Christian: Co-Creator of Soul Circus Africa and Production Partner – CEO of COZA Productions, he has a strong history in events, festivals and media – with a host of SA and UK brands, amoungst his many happy clients. He’s also the co-founder of the #HitpovertyForASix initiative – supporting dozens of charities. 

✓ Nikki (Nicola): – Soul Circus Co-founder and host. She’s a Southern African actress and joy catalyst – acclaimed for her role in Isidingo 1998-2001 and the NPO – The UPliftment Programe founded in 2003, which brings emotional wellness to children and youth in previously disadvantaged community. 

✓ Toto (Torsten) Kremser: -Soul Circus Co-founder and host. A German born Global Citizen and digital nomad – with a passion for Africa, having started Better Me – an edu-care foundation in Kenya – currently supporting over 400 children and their families. He’s also the creator of Nomad Convoy, an innovative travel company hosting digital nomads in Africa. 


for all to THRIVE 


#aMillionDreams 0837007947 HOPE 

thank you…


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