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Spotlight on Bulelwa Msengi

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Celebrating Bulelwa Msengi’s Remarkable Journey in South African National Parks

From Bontebok National Park – SANParks Facebook Page

Swellendam – In the spirit of Women’s Month, we shine a spotlight on Bulelwa Msengi, Bontebok National Park (BNP) Park Manager, who is a trailblazing leader who embodies the strength, resilience, and determination that define women in our society. Ms. Msengi’s journey with South African National Parks (SANParks) began in 2006 when she joined the SANParks family as an Administration Officer at Bontebok National Park (BNP). Her trajectory, however, has since been a testament to the transformative power of dedication and unwavering commitment.

Rising through the ranks, Ms. Msengi’s story resonates profoundly with this year’s Women’s Month theme “Accelerating Socio- Economic Opportunities for Women Empowerment”, in South Africa. With a BTech degree in Tourism Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from Mancosa, she has not only equipped herself with knowledge but has used it to uplift others around her.

Her journey saw her become the Duty Manager and eventually the Park Manager of BNP between 2010 to 2012. Her dedication and tireless efforts then led her to Agulhas National Park and later to Tsitsikamma National Park, where she continued to shape landscapes not only for wildlife but also for women in leadership.

Through her ten years as a Park Manager and over 12 years in Senior Management, Ms. Msengi has been a driving force in cultivating partnerships and collaborations in the Overberg Region. She played a pivotal role in the initiative to grant fishing access to the community in Tsitsikamma National Park, showcasing her commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

However, Ms. Msengi’s journey is not just one of professional accomplishments but of empowerment and upliftment. She emphasizes that as women, the journey may be more challenging, but the focus should always remain on the goal and what needs to be achieved. Rather than comparing oneself to male counterparts, concentrating on personal growth and contribution is key. A crucial aspect of this journey is the importance of a support system. She encourages all women, especially the staff of BNP, to embrace their unique strengths and unite in support of each other. “If we stand together and support each other, we can achieve a lot more,” she emphasized.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the travel and tourism sector, Ms. Msengi was honored with the prestigious Africa Travel 100 Award in 2022. This accolade not only recognizes her as a stellar professional but as a beacon of inspiration for women across the nation.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, let us draw inspiration from Bulelwa Msengi’s remarkable journey. May her story remind us that with perseverance, solidarity, and unwavering determination, we can create a world where women’s achievements continue to shape landscapes and break barriers.

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